Edema of the nose in a newborn

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Nasal congestion in newborns

Author: Delgado Date: December 28, 2011 Read the following: 4069

The problem of nasal congestion in infants isone of the most urgent. After all, rhinitis at this age will become quite a significant disease, and a common runny nose in children of the first year of life can proceed as a serious pathology.

The nasal cavity performs important functions. It moisturizes, warms and clears the air passing through the nose. But almost all these functions in children of the first year of life are not sufficiently developed. The nose of the newborn has a number of anatomical features. It is relatively small, the nasal passages are narrow, the cavities are underdeveloped. Because of this, even a slight inflammation of the mucous membrane causes the child difficulty nasal breathing. And breathing through the mouth in children of the first year of life is practically absent.

To avoid complications and ease the conditionbaby, it is necessary to eliminate swelling and restore nasal breathing. To do this, you can use local vasoconstrictor drugs. At present, the modern direction of medicine - irrigation therapy - is used to alleviate the child's condition. It provides for the use of isotonic saline solutions that purify and moisturize the nasal mucosa, promote the formation of liquid secretions and facilitate breathing.

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