Renal swelling of the feet

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Voti ended heavy labor day. soul and body craveand on his feet, though pudovye Geary. sat all day and feeling like ran thousands of miles away.In the morning your legs looked much better and now resembleelephantine ankle. "familiar feeling?
Ototekov feet stradajutkak men and women, the latter much more (affects uncomfortable shoes with high heels-the pursuit of beauty bordering on bigotry).
The reason for this phenomenon is simple-a sedentary lifestyle is a major factor for the development of many diseases.The absence of originally programmed nature of the movement is the main condition for the emergence of stagnation of blood in the vessels of the lower limbs, over time causesthrombosis and varicose veins. feet Swelling also notbe consequence of cardio vascular or kidney diseases #, pathologies of the lymphatic system or joints, the result of zastuzhivanija limbs.However, modern people are either ill-informed or rely on "luck".All govorjato healthy lifestyle, but follow it cannot every joke whether, after a day of work to go to train at the gym?Or dancing? At least thirty minutpodelat simple exercises?No, of course, it is easier to just sit on the couch in front of the tv and engage passive pastime following a couple of hours.Staff offices are not pozvoljajutsebe exercise even during the lunch break, looking through the mail and, at the same time, chewing on a sandwich.His research Moscow scientists have proven that 62% of respondents identified a variety of venous diseases."The incidence of them amounted to 67.5% in women and men-50.4%.With age the number of venous pathologies is growing, and people with a sedentary lifestyle increases at times.
Knowing this, many organizations its employees priobretajutdlja passes in the halls, makeundergo an annual medical examination, oborudujutrabochee place employees on duty shackled to your computer.
The success of a company zavisitotneskolkih criteria: high profit and performance, customer satisfaction and retention of staff productivity.
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And you have a problem with the kidneys is a doctor diagnosed you put?You don't drink water?

To eliminate puffiness at the initial stage, it is not necessary to take mountains of pills and do costly procedures.Harder to shake parliamentthis problem in its chronic form, so in any case do not run thisprocess. If you combine several methods of treatment, it can be much faster to achieve positive results, without waiting for the development of more serious consequences.Do not be lazy to exercise, add more dishes in your diet rich in potassium, do samomassazhem and properly relax-hereSecrets of success in the struggle for a beautiful and healthy feet.!

You can do foot massage with stop start., then tap of tibial joints and Shins.Easy movements without strong pressing need to massage the feet from the bottom up.Thanks to this blood budetcirkulirovat freer. best bedtime put legs on a small pillow so that they appeared to be at an angle of 45 degrees.This is pomogaetizbavitsja otboli and heaviness in the limbs.

To cure swelling feet pomogaetbrusnichnyj tea, if you replace them with plain black.One glass of water kladut1 TSPleaves of a cowberry. Apply jetotsposob if you do not haveallergies to herbal therapy. To natural ingredients better internalised, need to drink infusions of herbs for 10 minutesbefore eating.

Birch compresses help with any degree of swelling. It is necessary to sew cotton bags up to the knee. Pick fresh birch leaves and fill the bags with them, put your feet in there. Distribute the leaves evenly to a layer in the thickness of a finger was a tight fit all the legs entirely.

In this treatment of the feet should heavily sweating.
If the leaves become 4:00, sleduetzamenit them fresh.1-2 sessions are enough to slight oedema disappeared. For people who need more swelling 5-6 courses Birch compresses until the need for them is not.