Fatigue and swelling of the legs

In the heat, many of us meet with sucha problem, like fatigue and swelling of the legs. From the heat, muscles and veins relax, and prolonged sitting or standing on the legs prevents the outflow of blood. Heavy bags, a long standing in the transport - and legs in the evening is not possible to find out. However, swelling not only spoils the appearance of the legs. Both fatigue and swelling are a direct way to widen the veins. To alleviate the condition of a patient with varicose veins is sometimes possible only by surgery. So to such a symptom as puffiness of the legs should be taken seriously.

Relieves of swelling massage

The very first thing you can do if your feettired and swollen - lie on your back, placing a low pillow under your feet. It will help the outflow of blood. Very well helps to relieve fatigue and relieve the edema massage. Do it every evening. The procedure is simple. On the feet and feet to the knee, put a little olive oil and rub off your legs slowly. Movements must be made from the heel to the knee. A few minutes of this massage and you will feel like fatigue goes away.

In folk medicine for a long time medicinalHerbs that help to remove swelling of the legs. Of medicinal herbs make foot baths. To make such a bath you need to take 100 grams of sage or mint. Brew the herb with boiling water. Insist a decoction for twenty minutes. The resulting broth is diluted with three liters of water. The foot bath should be warm. The duration of this procedure is ten minutes. Usually make baths for the feet before going to bed.

If your legs often get tired and sweat intensephysical activity you are contraindicated. It is best to practice yoga. Most of the exercises try to do in a prone position. This will relieve the strain on your legs, but you can work out all the muscles of the body. If you do not like yoga, you can do any other gymnastics. There are many different physical exercises performed in a prone position. You can create a set of exercises yourself.

Another important point. If your legs often swell and hurt, then try not to gain weight. Excess weight is an extra burden on your legs.