Swelling of the legs after surgery on the veins

Female 50 years.
Russia Berezniki

Good afternoon! In early May 2014. my husband had an operation to remove the vein, there was a thrombus in the groin. My husband is 48 years old. 6 years ago he had already been removed from the vein on his right leg, and now he was removed on the left. Thrombophlebitis inherited from the pope. So far, very strong swelling on the leg, after a short walk, the leg turns blue and swells. The doctor advised his foot to smear with Leoton three times a day, but it seems to me that this is not enough. I read that swelling may be due to the accumulation of lymph in the leg and requires lymphatic massage. I would like to hear recommendations from a specialist at your level how to cope with edema. My husband was discharged to work, they said that such an edema happens after the operation. But it's very hard to work when the leg is like a log.