How to treat foot swelling in women

Many people are looking for the answer to the question, why does the woman's legs swell? This problem is quite urgent, but not everyone knows that the condition of the feet largely depends on the behavior of their owner.

The main causes of edema of female legs

  • phlebeurysm;
  • renal dysfunction;
  • heart failure;
  • excessive weight;
  • Thyroid gland diseases;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • bad habits.

The latter factor is one of the most common. Because of the long wearing of shoes with high heels, foot overload occurs.

Also, the pose is also adversely affected when the leg is thrown over the leg and the presence in the wardrobe of close fitting things sewn from synthetic fabrics.

General recommendations for the prevention of edema

To prevent and reduce swelling of the legs, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  1. Reduce pressure on the vessels of the legs.
  2. Give up shoes with high heels.
  3. Adjust the menu - reduce salt intake.
  4. Perform special exercises - bend and unbend fingers, stand on tiptoe, perform rotational movements with your feet.
  5. Apply ointments - venolife, thrombless, lyoton.
  6. Take contrast trays.

How to quickly eliminate swelling on the legs

If you want to quickly return the beauty of womenlegs, then you can use the express method of removing the edema. You need to start with the fact that it is good to wash your feet, ideally you can apply a scrub that promotes the activation of the epidermis.

Fresh cabbage leaves beaten with a hammer to prepare chops and obtained gruel to treat the skin of the legs. Then wrap the legs with food film and soak for 30 minutes.

The next step after the cabbage mask will bemassage, performed from the bottom up with light tingling of the skin. Massage should be continued until the skin turns red. The final stage will be contrasting douches and smearing the skin of the feet with ice.