Edema of the limbs of the hands and feet

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  • Amputation is cutting off the peripheral part of the limb throughout the bone. Withdrawal of a part.
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Edema almost every person on the planet once appeared. If swelling occurs suddenly. after a long standing on his feet or walking on his heel and is not a frequent condition, then, probably, there is nothing terrible in this.

Edema can appear in the heat, and for pregnant women in general are accustomed. And although often symptoms of edema completely harmless, it is worth considering if they occur often.

Especially you should be alerted when swelling of the feet appears regularly, gradually increasing. This, most likely, speaks about a disease, so diagnosis is necessary. But if you are convinced of the harmlessness of edema, then how can they be removed in an equally harmless way?

Motion Is not only life, but also health. Active walks and simple physical exercises will make the skin on legs more taut and improve blood circulation, which will exclude the possibility of swelling, because often edema is the result of prolonged sitting in the workplace, with crossed legs and without any movements for more than one hour.

Of course, salt can not be denied at all - it is necessary for the body, so its deficiency will not lead to anything good, but salt consumption for swelling should be at least reduced.

Excess weight Is one of the most common causes of edema. In general, excess weight has a very negative effect on health and one of such negative consequences can be called edema - accumulation of fluid in the body, most often inlower extremities (mainly feet and shins suffer). Therefore, your weight should be maintained in the norm - it's not so much a matter of appearance, as a matter of health.

If physical activity is contraindicated

When the legs swell. What to do if physical activity is causingpain? In this case, you need to limit yourself to only a few exercises and leisurely walking on fresh air. It is also advisable to seek medical advice.

Proper nutrition The most important aspect of a favorablefunctioning of the whole organism. To get rid of the body from completely excess liquid will help products that have a diuretic effect. These include watermelons, celery, ginger, tomatoes, garlic (which, incidentally, will help not only from swelling, but from parasites, fungi and other discomfort coming into our body from the outside), cranberry juice, apple juice and, of course, green tea.

Do not limit the amount of liquid.

If you do not drink water and eat likeyou can have less fluid, then it threatens with even more edema, and all because the body, not understanding why it was deprived of water, will try to keep as much fluid as possible.

In our time to buy compression(compression - squeezing) knitwear is very simple, although some argue that it is difficult to walk in it because of excessive squeezing. Such knitwear phlebologists are used for serious diseases of the lower extremities - varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, chronic venous insufficiency, and also remove swelling.

Recently, doctors have refusedelastic bandages in favor of compression linen, which has significantly more advantages and is part of the conservative treatment of serious enough diseases. However, it is worn during conventional swelling.

There is also compression underwear for pregnant women, as future mothers often have swelling.

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