Swelling of the legs and magnet

Beautiful and healthy legs important for a woman as well as a young, well-groomed face, and firm breasts.

Unfortunately, if you do not follow the condition of your feet, take little care of them, then one day you can find yourself in such trouble as edema, dilated veins on the legs, cellulite, bulging bones, calluses. flat feet, and even difficult to treat fungus on the nails .

And if cellulite, flabby skin on legs, boneson the feet and calluses spoil only the aesthetic impression, the permanent swelling and varicose veins are serious diseases that can not be ignored.

In addition, in order to keep the legs beautiful andhealthy not always require expensive cosmetics and procedures in fashion salons. Compliance with simple rules and reasonable recommendations often allows you to avoid irreversible situations and even get rid of already appeared aesthetic problems with your feet at home.

We will understand, so what leg problems worry our women most of all, why they appear, how we can try to eliminate them on our own, when it is necessary to turn to a cosmetologist or a specialist doctor.

7 rules. How to keep your feet beautiful.

Want to keep the legs healthy, slim, beautiful for a few years you will help a few simple tips.

  • "Walk more on foot." During walking, muscular activity is activated, blood supply improves, metabolism is accelerated.
  • - Make sure that your feet are always warm, and the skin on your legs is of uniform natural color.
  • - Take the habit of taking care of your feet with the help of venotonic creams with natural herbal ingredients.
  • - Do self-massage of feet and feet.
  • - Pour your legs with a contrast shower.
  • - Keep an eye on the bowel.
  • - Perform uncomplicated gymnastics for beautiful legs.

More details on how to keep your legs healthy and beautiful even with a dysfunctional heredity read here Prevention of varicose veins - 15 ways to keep your legs beautiful

Morning exercises for beautiful legs

Exercises for the feet they will clear the cells, release them from the accumulated slugs during the night, open the smallest blood vessels, prepare the legs for the day's load.

  1. Exercise "Goldfish"
    In the morning wake up, stretch several times inbed. Then, lying on your back, stretch your legs, put your hands under your head, make 30-60 movements with your feet from side to side, as a small fish does during swimming.
  2. Lying on your back, raise your legs and arms up, shake them in the air 30-60 times.
  3. Lying on your back, make several rotational movements in the joints of the legs and hands.
  4. Strongly rub the feet with the palms of your hands.