Swelling of the feet with pneumonia

Pneumonia is a formidable disease requiring competent and compulsory timely treatment. Pulmonary edema in pneumonia is an extremely dangerous complication. Edema may well provoke death.

With pneumonia, cardiovascular complications can develop. As a result of this, the toxic effect on the heart can provoke a slowing down of the heart muscle and pulmonary edema.

Puffiness appears due to impaired circulationblood in the small circle of blood circulation. Because of the stagnation of blood, its liquid part begins to sweat out into the alveoli. The lungs fill with fluid, and the patient suddenly begins to choke.

The inflammatory process that develops in the lungs can lead to:

  • myocarditis (the so-called inflammation of the heart muscle);
  • pericarditis (an inflammatory process that occurs in the heart bag or in the outer shell of the heart);
  • endocarditis (in this disease, inflammation of the inner cardiac membrane occurs);
  • development of infectious-toxic shock. At the same time, the normal functioning of all systems and organs is disrupted;
  • intravascular coagulation. If there is a violation of the blood supply, the lack of necessary care to threaten death for the patient.

In the case of the development of this complication of pneumonia, a number of emergency measures are implemented:

  1. The trunk of the patient is given a position either half-sitting or reclining.
  2. On the extremities are superimposed strands.
  3. Bloodletting is performed, which reduces the venous return to the heart.
  4. The supply of moistened oxygen is carried out through ethyl alcohol.
  5. If the situation so requires, the patient is transferred to the ventilator.