Swelling of the legs with alcoholism

With the accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities, which is associated with neuropathy, it is important to exclude the causes of the disease as a result of heart failure and nephropathy.

Unfortunately, the causes of neuropathicswelling of the legs, have not been fully studied yet, but they are associated with the disruption of the vegetative system, the formation of arteriovenous shunts, the violation of hydrodynamic pressure in the microcirculatory bed.

Neuropathic edema with diabetes mellitus

Diabetic neuropathy most often occursdue to the lack of treatment of the underlying disease, which entails damage to the nerve endings of the upper and lower extremities. The result of this defeat is:

  • Reducing the sensitivity of the legs to lower and raise the temperature.
  • Reduced reaction to pain.

Such complications are called sensory diabetic neuropathy. Deterioration of blood flow causes the development of infections.

Treatment of Neuropathic Edema in Diabetes

Treatment of neuropathic leg edema, as a rule, reduces to the appointment of sympathomimetics in the form of ephedrine, the dosage of which is 30 mg every 8 hours.

However, the main method of combating edema is not to fight with symptoms, but high-quality insulin therapy, support for normal pressure, control of cholesterol in the blood, care for stops.

Excess weight indicates the need to make changes in the diet.

Swelling of the legs with alcoholism

The appearance of severe swelling of the legs, caused by a large dose of alcohol, should be treated indirectly - it is necessary to start with the elimination of the causes that led to edema.

First of all, it is necessary to remove toxins - to clean the stomach and intestines (enema, lavage), and in some cases, blood (dropper).

If the swelling of the legs began to appear regularly afteralcohol consumption, then simple elimination of toxins will not help to solve the problem. In this case, most likely, it is necessary to struggle with a cardiomyopathy or cardiac hypertension.