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The feet of a man not only decorate. Every day they perform a huge amount of work, and therefore need attention. The legs of our beautiful half do not need, but simply require competent care. This is due to the fact that almost all women's shoes are not at all adapted for a comfortable stay. What can you do, fashion today determines the style of life. And for the sake of being stylish, we are sometimes ready for anything.

It is here that the roots of many leg diseases lie. The diseases themselves are manifested, as a rule, after 35 years. This, above all, bursitis, or "bone", varicose veins, a harbinger of which are stars on the legs, heaviness and swelling. If you do not give your feet due attention, then these "delights" are manifested as early as 22-25 years. Therefore, the legs require the same attention as the face. We will not say "more", although this is so. In the end, it is the feet that carry us through this beautiful life!

At this age there is still a belief in miraculoustablets or ointments. But chemicals are not a panacea, but rather a Pandora's box. They accumulate in the liver, have a negative effect on the work of many vital organs. So, there is no way out? Of course have! We sometimes forget about the funds that are in the green pharmacy. But the treatment of feet by folk remedies can be effectively carried out just by what these very feet go.

Age-old experience of using medicinal herbshas developed such folk remedies for the feet, which heal not only the disease itself, but also have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Know such grasses and fees, be able to apply them - the task is quite feasible. After all, the goal of these efforts is health and a long, fruitful life!

Folk treatment of fungus (mycosis)

Athlete's foot - so it is very accurately called a fungus on legs forabroad. Swimming pool, shower, changing room - these are the places where you can almost guarantee to purchase this unpleasant thing. Usually it starts between the fourth and fifth fingers: it is there that it is almost always warm and humid.

If you do not take action on time, mycosis will spread to the entire foot and, most unpleasant, on the nails. Rash, inflammation, vesicles, sputum, cracks in the skin - these stages of the fungus passes very quickly.

The most, probably, effective method is salty water. This folk remedy for the treatment of feet from the fungus is effective not only with the already begun illness. Dilute two teaspoons of a large salt in half a liter of water. Daily 10-minute baths will make your feet less susceptible to fungus.

Another proven folk remedy for fungus- Ammonium alcohol. Wipe the affected area with a cotton swab. This should be done for at least three weeks. If you get ammonia on the wound it will hurt, so you'll have to wait.

Oil also acts as an antiseptic, killingbacteria. This really popular treatment of foot fungus today received another very powerful tool: tea tree oil. If the fungus still moved to the nails, then folk remedies can, unfortunately, only help in getting rid of this infection. You can recommend a drop of iodine on the infected nail - in the morning and in the evening for three weeks. Healthy neighboring nails also need to be treated with iodine once every two days. Well, of course, you need to see a doctor. Only a specialist can perfectly combine folk and medicament means.

Folk remedies with sprockets on their feet

Asterisks on the legs may appear on differentreasons, but to the fact of their occurrence it is necessary to be taken seriously and necessarily to appear to the doctor - after all they can warn about a varicose veins expansion, problems with heart or a liver, female illnesses. But most often they indicate age, weak connective tissue, extra pounds. They also appear with a long stay in the sun.

I must say that the people's meansasterisks on the legs in this case are quite effective. Most of them are based on the action of plant acids. Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a tea mushroom and even a green tomato will help get rid of this cosmetic defect. These funds can be directly applied to the problem site, and make compresses.

After the procedures, please lubricate these areasskin cream. This will prevent a burn if you overdo it a little. This course lasts 10-12 days. Positive effect has and sokoterapiya. Well strengthens the vessels of cabbage juice. It has a not very pleasant, pungent taste, but if you dissolve this juice carrot or orange, the effect will not be less. Useful baths from the infusion of pine needles, calendula flowers, chamomile, yarrow. A good help is the familiar Kalanchoe. Tincture of the leaf should be wiped feet from the foot to the knee.

It must be remembered that the asterisks signalbeginning problems with the veins, so the prevention of varicose veins will be very helpful. Pay attention to the proven means: compresses with milk whey, grape leaves or cabbage leaf.

Folk bone treatment on legs

Bone, or bursitis, a phenomenon sufficientcommon. A high heel is the main cause of the appearance of an ugly protruding joint. Last year, the operation was forced to make Victoria Beckham. But if for her high heels are part of the image, then most of us have absolutely no need to bring our legs to surgery.

There are proven folk remedies for feet, includingnumber and bones. The main thing here is to notice the first signs of impending illness in time. Iodine is good. Make a grid on the joint, add 5 drops of iodine to the salt bath. Slightly wilted dandelion flowers fill with iodine and insist for four days. Well warm your feet, carefully wipe and lubricate the joint. Do this procedure overnight for 15 days.

But the "bone" can have goutyorigin. In this case, to reduce the pain when walking will help to remove a simple foil applied to the joint. It is useful at night to apply compresses with propolis. The old proven method of treating the stone with folk remedies is the lubrication of its own saliva. This should be done in the morning, before eating. Good help cold stains, rubbing the affected area with your hands, moistened with lavender oil.

Folk remedies for swelling of the feet

The state of puffiness on the feet is almost familiarto each. This is not always a sign of kidney or heart disease. Long standing work, severe stress or fatigue can cause swelling. Load - this is the same high-heeled shoes, squeezing gum stockings or belts.

The main means to prevent swelling -Food or herbs that increase urine production. In parallel, it is necessary to limit the intake of salt and sugar. Also, folk remedies for feet swelling should prevent the elution of calcium and potassium from the body.

One of the best folk remediesedema is a dandelion. It not only has a pronounced diuretic effect, but it is also a source of potassium, it helps with urinary tract infection. We use many similar products for food. This is primarily a cucumber, stimulating the withdrawal of uric acid, green tea, beets. Apple cider vinegar maintains the level of potassium in the body. Here it is necessary to note with regret that we are the only ones who continue to apply alcohol vinegar in the kitchen.

A recognized diuretic - watermelon, will helpget rid of excess liquid and cranberry juice. Oats contain a natural diuretic of silicon. Now you understand that taking diuretic tablets can and should be replaced with natural remedies. This will help not only to cope with swelling without damage to health, but also to make the nutrition focus on vegetables, which in itself can only be welcomed.

Folk remedies for weight in the legs

Weights on the feet - a very accurate definition of severity,which is piled on them. The reasons for this can be a lot: from simple fatigue to serious diseases of the veins. Most often this is a simple overwork. But if months do not give your feet a full rest, then the problems are not far off. And do not forget that all the same the main factor of heaviness in the legs is excessive weight. It is necessary to refrain from a hot bath or steam bath.

Natural rest and folk remedies forthe treatment of the feet will help keep them toned. First of all, this massage with a soothing lotion or massage oil with aromatic additives. Self-massage is carried out from the ankle to the calves. Well relieve the heaviness in the legs contrast baths or shower. Feet during rest is desirable slightly above the level of the heart - this is how the faster outflow of venous blood is stimulated.

Phytotherapy and traditional medicine in the treatment of legsfrom fatigue recommends horse chestnut extract. This is a very effective tool with accurate dosage. You can also boil 0.5 kg of oak and chestnut branches, insist for half a day and make 30-minute cool baths for 10 days.

Help and baths with pine needles, 100 g of whichbring to a boil in a liter of water, and then steamed in a water bath for 30 minutes. After complete cooling and filtering, dilute with cool water and immerse the feet for 15 minutes.

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