Diuretics for swelling of the legs reviews

Edema is a problem for many and many people. Episodic swelling under the eyes or long - on the legs - all of them are caused by excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Edema - the accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space - is accompanied with an increase in the amount of sodium in it.

Diuretics and swelling

Localization of edema is a significant diagnosticattribute. For example, swelling of the leg or hands (either or both) is usually the result of venous and / or lymphatic stasis (obstruction). Edema due to impaired renal function, as a rule, are of a general nature, however, first of all they are most clearly visible in the eyelid and face area. Especially they are noticeable in the mornings - after a night sleep in a horizontal position. In general, swelling on the face, for example, is common because of the characteristics of the structure of soft tissues, namely - subcutaneous fat in this area, which is capable of retaining water. Less often, edema on the face causes allergies, endocrine or renal impairment.

Unilateral (asymmetric) edema is much lessit is common, but it should be alerted: it can develop due to damage to the central nervous system. Swelling, which is noted mainly on the legs and in the evenings - this is due to the body's staying in an upright position - is often associated with heart failure or chronic insufficiency of the valves of the veins of the lower extremities.

Diuretics for swelling can not only remove excess fluid from the body, but also provide a general therapeutic effect, provided they are correctly selected.

Diuretics and concomitant diseases

Hypertensive disease (arterialhypertension) is a widespread disease worldwide, most annoying to older people. Edema is a frequent companion of hypertension, but the use of diuretics in this case is associated not only with their elimination. The meaning of using diuretics at increased pressure is based on their ability to reduce the volume of fluid circulating in the body - and once the fluid load decreases, the pressure in the vessels decreases. As a result of the reduction of this load, the most important index, on which the arterial pressure depends - the peripheral vascular resistance, is normalized. Ultimately, the main goal is to lower blood pressure.

Diuretics not only reduceblood pressure, some of them are also able to relax the blood vessels. Diuretics, namely loop diuretics are used to stop the hypertensive crisis, which is marked by a sudden sharp increase in blood pressure. The hypertensive crisis threatens patients with any degree of arterial hypertension, and sometimes even can occur in a healthy person. Hypertensive crisis can provoke many, even the most minor or "ordinary" factors:

  • unauthorized withdrawal of drugs to reduce blood pressure,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • alcohol abuse or coffee
  • change of weather,
  • psycho-emotional overload.

Diuretics play a crucial role in thetreatment of heart failure, when congestion (edema including) threatens human life. Therapy with diuretics is usually lengthy; In the case of heart failure, it should be performed until the edema disappears. To do this, use a special group of diuretics - loop diuretics.

Diuretics - are not all equally useful?

Even the moon has its dark side. Alas, loop diuretics are also not relieved of it - with prolonged use they are fraught with a number of undesirable side effects: a negative effect on the organs of hearing; Ricochet syndrome, in which the initial forced diuretic action is replaced in the future by slowed withdrawal of fluid from the body; dizziness, weakness, etc.

The loop diuretics of the last generation, amongwhich is the diuretic torasemide in the lead, is preferable for use in edema, especially in the complex therapy of hypertension, heart failure and other serious ailments. The fact is that torasemide does not have such pronounced side effects as diuretics of other groups or obsolete agents (like furosemide):

  • Significantly less affects the level of glucose, harmful triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, which is very important for patients with hypertension, diabetes and obesity.
  • Extremely insignificant removes from the body useful trace elements - potassium, magnesium, calcium, that is does not increase the risk of osteoporosis, complications of the cardiovascular system.

Diuretics - effective elimination of edema

All of the above deficiencies rid the newThe drug, developed on the basis of the original Torasemide molecule - Trifas from the company Berlin-Chemie Menaryini AG. To date, Trifas is the only original diuretic based on torasemide. Trifas is made from the raw materials of the famous Swiss company Roche, which developed the original torasemide molecule.

Trifas effectively eliminates swelling of any nature. And the effect of treatment is noticeable at low dosage: 1 tablet (5 mg) per day. Take Triphas in the morning, with a small amount of liquid, preferably during meals. Given the safety under the supervision of a doctor, the dose can be gradually increased - up to 20 mg of torasemide. Among other advantages, one can not but mention the availability of Trifas - in fact, many original drugs are expensive, and with long-term treatment they significantly hinder your pocket. Trifas is the optimal combination of efficiency, security and accessibility!