Can I soar my legs with swelling?

The state of pregnancy requires a woman to beextremely accurate and cautious. Now she can not do much of what is available to the rest, including the medication treatment of many diseases. Knowing this, future mothers turn to home remedies, folk medicine, phytotherapy for help, sometimes even not knowing that such methods of treatment even harmless ARVI can adversely affect the development of the fetus, its own well-being, further bearing of the baby.

So you have to ask yourself, you can soarfeet during pregnancy or not, if the first signs of a cold have already appeared, and medicines are strictly forbidden. For many, this way to get rid of the common cold seems innocuous - and completely in vain.

Why can not you soar your legs during pregnancy?

Any doctor can unequivocally say that thisthe procedure is harmful to the health of mom and baby. To see this, you just need to understand why you can not soar your feet to pregnant women, what processes are activated in the body of a woman under the influence of hot water, how this can affect the bearing of the fetus.

  1. Under the influence of high temperatures, the vessels of the mucosaThroat shells, nose widen - mucus departs more efficiently, the rhinitis stops, breathing normalizes. Yes, this is a positive effect of a hot foot bath on the course of a cold, but not on the state of the baby in the womb!
  2. At high temperature when the legs are unzippedto react vessels not only of the mucous membrane of the nose, throat, but also other organs, in particular - the uterus. This can lead to a miscarriage if the procedure was performed in the early stages of pregnancy, or to premature birth. if the woman decided to get her feet in the third trimester.
    This is only a theoretical assumption, since,according to the statements of physicians, the blood flow in the vessels of the placenta and uterus does not depend on the thermal effect on the skin, being permanent. In practice, this is not verified. Since there is such a risk - to lose a baby, it is better to refuse this procedure.
  3. The body of a pregnant woman is in a stateconstant stress during all nine months of bearing the baby. He sensitively reacts to any changes, so a sharp temperature drop during taking a hot bath (legs, whole body) can provoke a lot of side effects: bleeding, increased blood pressure.
  4. Some wonder if it is possible to soar their feetwith mustard in pregnancy: the answer will also be categorical - you can not. Mustard oil in the composition of this product will strengthen the negative effect of the hot tub on the entire circulatory system of the body, including the heart. This will invariably entail a worsening of the condition of the pregnant woman.

Now you know why you can not soar your feet whenpregnancy, and try to protect yourself from such a mistake, which can be costly for your health and the safe birth of your baby. But what to do if the nose stops breathing, the throat is persistent, the cold is gaining momentum, and medication is contraindicated? Hot foot baths are a replacement, which will ease the condition and will promote a speedy recovery.

Than to replace hot trays for legs or foots?

To soar your feet means to keep them in enoughhot water, the temperature of which varies from 40 to 50 ° C for a fairly long time (ten to thirty minutes). After such procedure the skin on legs or foots reddens and shrinks. It is these hot baths that lead to undesirable consequences during the period of bearing of the baby. However, hovering your legs during pregnancy for the treatment of colds is not the only way out. You can deal with it in almost the same way, but it is absolutely safe for the condition of the woman and the fetus:

  • The temperature of the water in which you want to "hit" the legs should not exceed 40 ° C, but it should not be too cool;
  • if the time of action of such a bath lasts more than 10 minutes, pour warm water into it so that it does not cool down;
  • after the procedure you need to wear wool socks, while it is allowed to pour mustard powder in them (in reasonable quantities);
  • drink a hot tea (you can with honey, but not more than one teaspoon);
  • wrap your head in a warm kerchief so that your ears are closed;
  • go to bed: the next morning from a cold and perspiration in the throat will not remain a trace.

Women should know that hover legs duringpregnancy at any time is strictly prohibited. This applies not only to treatment of colds, but also to conventional cosmetic procedures in order to prepare the legs for a pedicure. To watch for yourself during pregnancy is necessary, but not to the detriment of the baby. Wait for him to be born, and then you can freely indulge yourself with such actions.