Lymphomyositis with edema of the feet

Disadvantages: Before taking a consultation, consult a doctor

Lymphomyosot discovered for itself as a remedyfor the treatment of an inflamed lymph node. Treatment - 12 days 10 drops 3 times a day. Painful sensations in the lymph node passed in a few days, after 10 days the node stopped to be probed. So with its main task lymphomyositis coped.

Unexpected bonus in the treatment of lymphomyositis tomy great joy turned out to be the following: on the second day of taking the remedy, I felt that the sensation of swelling of the legs had passed, namely, gravity and bursting in the calves. Swelling of the feet has been tormenting me for the past two years, and all the drugs used (mostly diuretic, as well as massages, physical exercises) have been helped for one day. Now I'm sure that the cause of the heaviness in my legs was a bad outflow of lymph. It's nice to feel light again.

Also a few days after admissionlymphomyositis, I noticed that closed comedones ceased to appear on my face. Who is familiar with this problem firsthand, he knows what Sisyphus work is a fight with closed comedones. Especially when closed comedones turn into large painful cones, which are located deep under the skin. They do not pass very long, they are almost impossible to remove, and they leave their memory for a long time in the form of blue spots and pits. What kind of money I did not use! But even if the treatment of existing rashes was successful, the new stably "appeared."

During the reception of lymphomyositis (12 days), all the rashes on the face stopped, it has now passed about 2 weeks after the end of the reception, while the condition is stable

The fact is that the role of the lymphatic system inremoval of toxins from the body. And if the lymphatic system for some reason copes badly with its function, then other organs come to its aid. In my case, toxins began to go through the skin, hence the problem. Lymphomyositis helps to clear lymph, the lymph drainage improves, and toxins are eliminated from the body without causing additional problems.

Of course, it is not clear how long-termeffect, but I hope for the best. If that, I think it will be possible to repeat the course. I would be happy if my review will help other "sufferers". Only, please, do not forget that the organism at all different, and the reasons of occurrence of problems with edemas and with a skin at you can be others.

Since lymphomyositis as a homeopathic remedy has contraindications (problems with the thyroid gland, allergies, etc.) - before the appointment, consult a doctor!

Five months have passed since the writing of this review - even in the summer heat, the feet are no longer swelling.