Red swollen feet with oncology

Treatment procedures for feet after treatment of oncology

The generally accepted procedure for the treatment of lymphatic leg edema is complex decongestant therapy. conducted under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist (or any other doctor who received training in the use of this type of therapy).

Decongestive physiotherapy includes a number of activities:

  1. Skin care. The patient must strictly follow the instructions forCleansing the skin of the legs in the presence of fatal edema. The rules regulate the procedure for moisturizing the skin and procedures to prevent the development of infections (and with a chronic lymphaden there is a significant risk of infection).
  2. Compression. The doctor puts elastic bandages on his feet orselects the patient appropriate compression tights, which the latter could wear without assistance. It is also possible to use a pneumatic compression pump - such a pump is equipped with a specific cuff, fixed around the leg. This cuff allows you to compress your leg at certain times (pantyhose also works, but they compress the leg continuously). Although some patients experience deterioration after applying the pump, therefore, such remedies can only be prescribed by a qualified physician.
  3. Manual lymphatic drainage. In fact, it is a mild massage that stimulates the outflow of lymph.
  4. Physical exercises. Physiotherapist appoint patient specificThe exercises that help restore the motor amplitude of the joints and strengthen the muscles. When performing exercises, it is sometimes necessary to apply compression dressings or stockings.

As additional measures in the treatmentlymphatic edema patients are prescribed drugs for the treatment of associated pathologies. Suppose, in the presence of bacterial infection - antibiotics, anesthetics. Operative intervention is resorted only to severe forms of lymphodema, when other medical measures are powerless.

Recent research has shown that for treatment of lymphatic edema can be successfully used and some foodadditives. But you have to be careful, because supplements can provoke side effects, and their use will not always be well combined with medications taken. Therefore, do not take any food supplements yourself without first consulting a doctor.