Why itchy feet swelling

We have already discussed, under what diseases there are pains, and what to do if it hurts to step on the pillow.

Believe me, the problem of itching (when the soles are itching) is no less serious, and it should be treated accordingly.

Ches feet feet causes

Basically the reason is one - this is when your foot skin is damaged. And already causes a lot of damage to the skin. Most often, the soles are itch for the following reasons:
  • Fungal diseases,
  • Burns,
  • Allergy,
  • Stressful situations,
  • Infections.

In such a situation it is very important to establish an accuratethe reason why itches feet, and only after that can be taken effective measures. And, of course, the best solution is to immediately consult a doctor, since most problems do not suffer procrastination.

The most common are fungal diseases. Infection of the feet with fungi is quite a dangerous disease, and if at the time of not taking action, deep, non-healing cracks and ulcers will appear.

Determine that your skin is affected by the fungus is not difficult. The first signs are a darkening of the nail plate. Gradually, with the development of the disease, the soles soar that it becomes creepy, and the nails can begin to crumble, and can completely collapse.

Treatment is prescribed only by a doctor, after establishing the shape of the fungus and its sensitivity to medicines.

Cheshut feet feet reasons ...

The most common infectious disease of the lower leg is scabies. You, for certain, met people who are itching and itching without tires.

The causative agent of this disease is a tick, which penetrates into the thickness of the skin and lives there. Once inside, the mite for two weeks of the incubation period very quickly breeds.

On average, in a particular place with scabiesup to 20 individuals! Constantly laying his own moves and laying eggs in the epidermis, the mite causes severe itching, which becomes terrible at night, as at night the mites activate.

Scabies are very contagious, but fortunately it is easy to treat: it's enough to call a doctor in time, and to examine all members of the family.

Now you know that if the feet are itching two reasons - a fungus or a tick. Still I would like to tell about why sometimes there are edemas, and that it means.

Causes of foot Feet causes

The problem of edema occurs, perhaps, even more oftenthan the problem of pain. Edema can appear after a prolonged forced motionless position, standing or sitting. A lot of elderly people suffer from swelling of the lower extremities. This is due to venous insufficiency of senile vessels.

But the most serious diseases, in which the feet swell (the reasons I want to make out below) are:
  1. Gout,
  2. Bursitis,
  3. Diabetes.

Gout - a disease in which uric acid begins to accumulate in the body. It primarily affects the joints. Joints lose mobility, become painful and swell.

Bursitis. it is inflammation of the periarticular bag, which also causes swelling of the joint.

The treatment of these diseases must be treated with all seriousness, since the consequences can be the most deplorable.

And the last thing I wanted to tell is why sometimes the lower limbs hurt after a long rest.

Sore feet feet after sleep

Start pain, so called phenomenon, the code after a long rest can not immediately step on the foot. And until you disperse, every step is given a strong pain.

This symptom indicates the presence of a calcaneal spur. It is a sharp build-up on the calcaneus, which, when walking, injures soft tissues, causing severe pain. So why do foot pains after sleep, and when you are a little like, does the pain become dull?

The fact is that during the rest period, soft tissuesbegin to heal, and at the first steps the spur again injures them, which also responds with pain. After a person is a bit like, a seal is formed on the tissues, which dulls the pain.

If the heel spur to consult a doctor on time, it can be cured by conservative methods without resorting to surgery.

A special insoles are recommended to a person, they prescribe a course of massage and medicines, which remove inflammation and normalize the hormonal background. In advanced cases, surgery is recommended.

To summarize, I will have to say a hackneyed phrase. If you swell, hurt or the feet of the feet are being scratched the doctor should establish, since alone you will only delay the time, and then getting rid of the problem will be much more difficult.