Cream for feet swelling during pregnancy

This article will talk about what is the reason that during pregnancy, the nights often swell, and what kind of cream can be used to remove them.

The most common phenomenon during pregnancy is swelling of the legs. Many women are wondering whether such swelling is considered a pathology or a norm?

Doctors consider the puffiness of the legs a normal process, since a pregnant woman accumulates a large amount of fluid that

Doctors consider the puffiness of the legs to be a normal process, since in the body of a temporary woman accumulates in the body.

The main reasons for the appearance of swelling of the legs during pregnancy can be divided into three types:

  • the appearance of gestosis,
  • varicose diseases,
  • Another type of pathology, in which the kidneys do not fully function.

The most harmless cause is considered swelling due tovaricose diseases. This is due to the fact that such edema does not need to be treated, as they can pass as soon as you lie down for a few minutes with your legs elevated.

But when the puffiness does not pass a long time,then you need something to do. The easiest way to do this is to use a special cream that will help relieve swelling on your legs.

Currently in pharmacies are sold a lotpreparations and creams from swelling of the feet, which are based on the natural horse chestnut or hazel. To do this, you should smear his leg under the knee and on the back of the foot, where there is a large number of deep veins.

But those who have puffiness associated with gestosis,then pregnant women need to reduce the consumption of liquid. For them, the best option will be tea with milk, fruit drinks and sweet juices. Due to their properties, these products contribute to the fact that they absorb the excess liquid and remove it.

In addition, they can also be usedcream against puffiness based on horse chestnut, and also put an extra dropper. You can also use diuretics, but with the use of fluid must be made at the required level. If during the time you take diuretics, do not drink plenty of fluids, it can harm your body.