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Rules of registration clause 5.4. The delegation of the domain, established at the request of the domain name administrator, terminates upon the expiration of the domain name registration period.

Upon termination of the delegation established by theadministrator of the domain name, in connection with the expiry of the domain name registration period, the registrar sets temporary DNS servers for the domain that forward requests via the http protocol to the registrar's official website with information on the reason for the termination of the delegation.

The right to apply for renewal of registrationThe domain name is retained by the former administrator before the expiration of the period of primary renewal. The duration of the pre-renewal period is 30 days after the end of the registration period.

The registrar has the right to accept applications forregistration of domain names that are in the period of pre-emptive renewal (registration of exempt domain names). Domain name registration is carried out at the end of the period of pre-renewal, if the former domain name administrator does not renew the registration of the domain name.