Medicinal herbs from leg swelling

Swelling of the legs in people of different ages canformed when accumulating excess fluid in the tissues, which is most often the case with a violation of the circulatory process. This is the first signal that the body is failing. You can not get rid of the ailment completely, until the doctor determines the cause that caused the circulatory disturbance. It can be like an exorbitant load on the lower limbs from a long standing standing, and various diseases (kidney failure, blockage of blood vessels, varicose veins, joint disease, endocrine organs). A sedentary lifestyle, the transferred operations become the reason of that the puffiness on the ankles is noticed. In any case, if there are swelling of the legs, the diuretic medicine begins to be taken only after a visit to the doctor.

In many cases, the painful condition willwin without taking medications, making changes in lifestyle, in the diet, replacing uncomfortable shoes. If puffiness is caused by diseases, complex treatment is prescribed. To ease the condition, patients who have leg swelling should take diuretics together with other medications prescribed by the doctor. Depending on the condition of the patient, his age, the severity of the symptoms, courses of therapy with the use of diuretic herbs or tablets for rapid outflow of excess fluid can be recommended.

Diuretics with swelling of the feet

The fastest action is possessed by diuretics,related to the group of loop drugs. They are often used to remove excess fluid, but do not forget how great their impact on water-salt metabolism in the body. Medicines produce sodium, potassium. The most common diuretic drug for foot edema is Furosemide. Close to it have tablets Ureit, slightly softer Hypothiazide.

If the swelling of the legs is not very strong, helpdiacarb diuretic. Its diuretic effect is noticeable in a few hours after administration. The withdrawal of fluid and trace elements is not as rapid as when receiving loop diuretics.

Modern medicine offers potassium-sparingdiuretic tablets with edema of the feet, but their effect is much lower. In this group of drugs is Triamteren and Veroshpiron. To help patients, these medications are often prescribed in conjunction with other diuretics to strengthen the strength of the drug.

Popular diuretics in the fight against edema of the feet

Many years actively used diuretic herbswith swelling of the feet. Natural diuretics usually do not cause undesirable side effects, their effect on the body is gentle, since they do not excrete potassium, however, the effect is not as rapid as from synthetic drugs. The action of each plant on the body has some features, so the appointment is made only by a doctor who has established the cause of swelling.

Diuretics (tea) with edema of the legs are appointed if the kidneys, working not in full force, can not cope with the withdrawal of fluid. Effective collection of birch buds, bearberry, cowberry leaves and juniper berries. All components are taken in equal parts,are mixed. A glass of boiling water requires a tablespoon of herbs. After 15 minutes of infusion, the medicine can be consumed 5 tablespoons before meals. The work of the kidneys will help a balanced diet. In a diet of the patient it is necessary to include more cabbage, fresh cucumbers. Lemon juice and garlic also contribute to the withdrawal of excess water in renal disorders.

Completely different diuretic herbs are recommended for edema of the legs as a result of heart failure. Here comes to the rescue decoction of parsley, tincture of calendula, tea from the grass of the underlay .

A remarkable diuretic for swelling of the feet is considered red ashberry juice. He is appointed for daily admission to those whosework is associated with a long standing. Squeezed juice from ripe berries of mountain ash. It is recommended to drink fresh before eating. In autumn, the juice is harvested for the winter period, boiling it with sugar. This remedy is added to tea in winter.