Compression knee socks from leg swelling

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Varicosity is a disease in which the wallsveins lose their elasticity, as a result of which venous lines are formed in some places of the veins, due to which the disease took its name. To date, varicose veins are the most common vascular disease.

In the days of our grandmothers there were not so many methods of getting rid of varicose veins, there was only one method - surgical intervention. But many people are afraid to go to the doctors, not in vain!

Because in our modern age has long beeninvented a very simple invention - golfs and stockings from varicose veins. which are applied depending on the localization of nodules. And surgical intervention is almost an extreme case.

Varicose spoils the beauty of your legs

The most The first sign of varicose veins can be considered constant fatigue and swelling of the legs, then itching and burning can begin. These signs are often not given much importance, because it may not be varicose.

The following symptoms may be different:

will show a slight "figure" on his legs, thisthe initial stage of varicose veins, then the "patterns" become more pronounced, eventually developing into venous nodes and very persistent swelling of the knees and feet. It is when the "drawing" just started to manifest itself that it is easiest to cure varicose veins.

Even if such a disease did not arise, but there issuspicion, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with the help of compression golf or stockings from varicose veins. To date, both women's and men's socks have been developed for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

Men's socks are often in dark colors toit was possible to put on under trousers and jeans, and female golfs are made in warm bodily tones. Also for the wife were developed and tights from varicose veins (many are much more convenient to wear tights).

Consider the process of blood circulation in the veins:

  1. The veins are designed for the blood to rise to the heart.
  2. The calf muscles act like a pump when walking, with contraction they compress the vein and push the blood higher and higher.
  3. Since the blood rises up against the forcegravity, she needs support so that she does not "flow" back into her lower limbs. This support is provided by special valves, which open and close with each contraction of muscles, ensuring its ascent.
  4. When a person is without movement, the calvesthe muscles do not contract, so there is no one to push the blood to the heart. As a result, the blood begins to stagnate. This in the long term may cause varicose veins or other venous diseases. Since the blood creates pressure on the walls of the veins.
  5. Compression knee socks lightly compress the vein walls together with the valves, thus helping them to work.

Even after several minutes after wearing suchgolf there is a noticeable decline in puffiness, heaviness in the legs. Such prophylaxis will not give rise to varicose nodules, thrombi, and will also help restore the normal operation of the cardiovascular system.

When choosing therapeutic golfs, special attention should be paid to the compression class. The compression class is a reflection of the total pressure on the foot surface when wearing golf.

  1. Preventive knitwear - such golfs can be worn by any person, even healthy, for the prevention of varicose veins, as well as this class is prescribed for those who have the initial stage of varicose veins and can be given without a prescription.
  2. The second class of compression - this species can be bought only for the intended purposetreating doctor, as this is a completely different stage of treatment. Before buying a second class of golf compression and higher, you need to conduct a complete examination and take a prescription from a doctor.
  3. Third compression class - These knee-highs are used only for the purpose of a phlebologist.
  4. The fourth compression class - only according to the doctor's prescription.

  • Ischemia
  • Uncontrolled heart failure
  • Untreated septic phlebitis on the leg

Compression knee socks should be worn with caution, if you:

  • Skin Infections
  • Dermatosis
  • Allergy to tissue
  • Impaired limb sensitivity
  • Immobility
  • Varicose veins of the lower extremities;
  • Venous insufficiency (chronic);
  • Varicose veins during pregnancy;
  • Arthritis;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Excess weight;
  • Occupational diseases;
  • Sedentary lifestyle (work at the computer)

Also, these golfs are used by people who need to travel daily for long distances, with active sports and any physical exertion.

Healing knee-highs during pregnancy

  1. Varicose veins in women most often appear during pregnancy. Hormonal changes that take place induring the first ten weeks of pregnancy, cause relaxation of the walls of blood vessels. In combination with increased blood volume, this can lead to the development of the disease.
  2. Women are also at risk during later stages of pregnancy. when the weight of the baby changes. All this can affect the veins in the groin.
  3. As a rule, during pregnancy, golfs are not prescribed, but use stockings, tights, special panties, etc.. More information can be found on this page -

1. Measure the girth of the ankle (the narrowest part).

The solution for those who want to dress with convenience

  1. Wear a compression jersey of the length that your doctor prescribed for you
  2. Pull out the laundry to the designated height, but not farther, make sure that there are no wrinkles at the top, it can limit the flow of blood and increase the edema.
  3. Wear preventive clothes as much as prescribed by the doctor. Replace it in time. As a rule, such a knitwear loses its properties after 3-6 months.
  4. Take them off at a time that prescribesdoctor, after removal wash your feet, and also make an external examination for changes (for example, for the presence of ulcers). If you find such changes, tell your doctor.

Can I wear knee socks when I have swollen legs?

The most basic and first cause of varicose veins is preciselyswelling. If the legs are already swollen, then of course it makes sense to put on socks, it will not be bad from this, that's for sure, and there is an opportunity to remove swelling. But, when putting on a swollen leg, use tip number 5.

How to care for such jersey?

Proper care is the key to long-term use. Thanks to him, you will simultaneously carry out prevention and save money. Regular golf washing is a necessary condition for this.

  • Tip 1 - You can always look at the instructions for the care of clothes on the package, different manufacturers can give different recommendations.
  • Tip 2 - Do not squeeze water, this can lead to tissue damage

  1. Step 1: Fill the container for washing with cold or warm water. Do not use hot water, as this will lead to a deterioration in the elasticity of the material.
  2. Step 2: use special detergents for preventive knitwear. They will help achieve a better result.
  3. Step 3: Gently soak. Operate carefully without sudden movements.
  4. Step 4: Soak. Leave them in water for 5 minutes.
  5. Step 5: Rinse. Rinse the product with cold water
  6. Step 6: Remove excess water. Carefully remove the water, do not squeeze, but squeeze.
  7. Step 7: Dry it. Refrain from wearing until completely dry.

The prices are described average (Moscow)

  • Venotex - 700-1600 rubles;
  • Copper - 1500-2500 rubles;
  • Relaxan - 500-1100 rubles;
  • Orto - 450-800 rubles;
  • Sigvaris - 2600-3700 rubles;
  • Inteks - 1000-1500 rubles

Golfs can be of different colors, with an open or closed toe:

Is it necessary to wear a compression knitwear on the leg without varicose veins?

Compression jersey must be worn only onfoot with the symptoms of the disease. Some people prefer to wear only on one leg, while others can choose the same brand of golf, but a lower compression ratio on a healthy leg. For example, your doctor may prescribe you golfs with a compression ratio of 30-40 mm Hg. for chronic venous insufficiency, on one leg. And on the other leg you can wear knitwear with a compression ratio of 15-20 mm Hg.

At what time of day do they wear?

It is recommended to dress in the morning, after waking up.

Can I sleep in the golf course

Doctors do not recommend sleeping in the golf courses, because there is simply no need for it.

Inflammation is higher than the golf line, what should I do?

In this case, you need to buy compression stockings or pantyhose.

How many hours a day to wear?

The time of socks depends both on the reasons for wearing jersey and on the degree of compression. Your doctor is the best person to answer this question.

  1. If the person is recumbent, he may be recommended wearing knitwear to prevent pulmonary embolism (16-18 mm Hg) to prevent the formation of blood clots.
  2. Immediately after Sclerotherapy, the doctor can instruct you to wear a knitwear with a certain level of compression continuously for a certain number of hours or days, depending on the size of the vein.
  3. People with Lymphedema can have their own individual schedule.
  4. People with chronic venous insufficiency, edema or with varicose veins usually wear them about 16 hours a day.

Anatoly, 46y.o., Ryazan.
Faced the problem of varicose veins. The fact is that I have a job that needs to be on my feet all the time. Immediately, of course, I did not notice that "sneaks" varicose veins. It began with the fact that they began to swell around heavily, came home and with great difficulty removed their shoes, thought it was normal for such a busy day. Then on his feet, below the knee, began to appear, as if, a pattern, barely noticeable, then I realized what I was dealing with. In the vastness of the Internet I found information on how to treat what to do and came to the conclusion that I can buy golfs without consulting a doctor. I bought golf clubs of medium cost (I keep silent about the name of the company), began to notice that swelling is gradually going on, and "Drawing" disappears. I've been using golf for three years and do not regret it!

Larisa, 27y.o., St. Petersburg.
Hello! I have happiness in life - I'm pregnant! It's already been the third month, I gained weight very quickly, the doctor put me on a diet, but the weight does not go away yet. Literally recently noticed that it is difficult to put on jeans, so-called, narrowed (to the bottom). Caviar swelling very much, did not know what to do. Appealed to her doctor, who leads the pregnancy, prescribed me first class compression socks, I'm frightened that varicose will begin, bought golf, but more expensive! It's all over! No swelling, no discomfort! Happy pregnancy! Thanks to the manufacturers!

Details about compression jersey (video)

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