Plots from leg swelling

Conspiracy from edema can be a quick tool fornot only to remove swelling on the face or eyes after sleep, but also severe edema of the legs and hands. Usually this kind of trouble happens spontaneously when a person wakes up. The edema may be caused by different reasons, for example, an evening tea party, excess salt, tasting new dishes. In any case, when there is swelling - this is very inopportune. We must hurry to work, and just quickly put ourselves in order. The conspiracy will help in a short time to remove swelling, but not cure them completely. The same applies to those cases when the legs, hands, and swelling are swollen and does not go away for several days.

When are conspiracies performed to get rid of edema?

Of course, since morning. By evening, the swelling itself can go away, but such a prospect will not quite please those who are in a hurry on business since the morning. If swelling has occurred on the face, then simple quick conspiracies using steam, decoction of herbs and aromatherapy will help get rid of them. If the swelling is a long time, then the conspiracy should be chosen more effective and complex. It is not necessary to wash or hold your face above the steam. Edema on the limbs usually have the property there to "linger". Especially it concerns legs. They swell and cause a lot of inconvenience to a person, up to loss of motor ability. and old conspiracies with various kinds of rubbing and steam baths will help, which are repeated at regular intervals. In any case, wherever there was swelling, it can be quickly disposed of. You just need to want this, and do not be afraid to apply the national healing conspiracy.

Conspiracies for the treatment of edema

  1. From the swelling on your face you need to rub it with a piece of icewith the words: "Mother Mary was a day, she spent the night. In a dream from her Lord drove devils, yes devils of two-horned. Left drove, the right cross held. As from the baptized of the wicked, he drove, so he would chase away the water. "
  2. Insist on boiling water 10 minutes birch buds, decoction wash your face and say: "I wash off with steam, remove the heat. Leave the water, go out. I do not need, I'm blessed on earth. "
  3. From the swelling on your feet helps the next broth. In the case of parsley, boil 3 liters of fresh milk for 20 minutes. Drink every 15-20 minutes on the scoop with the words: "I drink from water, I drink from sweat. To unnecessary out, from feet to someone else's ringing. " When the broth almost cools, you need to strain the parsley, and drink all the remaining liquid at a time, saying: "For the last sip, the wristlet is leaving. From the feet to the knees, from the hands to the elbows. Get out, sick, sick, out of doors. "
Conspiracy from edema begins to act almost immediately. if a person does not remember words, then he can try to perform the required actions without them, but in this case the effect may not be.