Homeopathy against swelling of the legs and pelvis

Edema of the feet with oncology

Puffiness on the feet is due toaccumulation of lymphatic fluid after treatment of cancer. This usually occurs after chemotherapy treatment, as well as after surgical removal of lymph nodes, after which lymph accumulates in the tissues and causes swelling. This complication causes unpleasant sensations in patients, accompanied by constant discomfort and sometimes pain. From the physiological point of view, this is also dangerous, as the process of tissue repair slows down and there is a risk of developing infectious diseases.

Puffiness of extremities in the treatment of cancer occurs for several reasons.

  1. Operations in the region of inguinal lymph nodes, theirdirect removal - cancerous processes in the pelvic area almost always involve the removal of regional lymph nodes, after which fluid accumulates in the tissues and this provokes strong edema.
  2. Puffiness appears after chemotherapeutic treatment, as well as radiotherapy, when irradiating the inguinal nodes.
  3. Metastasis of the cancerous process on the lymph nodes.
  4. To stop the flow of lymph can cancer process in the abdominal area.

Features of edema in oncology

Appearance of edema on the face, lower and upperlimbs can manifest immediately after treatment or after a few weeks. In most cases, edema is associated with the selected treatment methods and only rarely does the lymph edema fail. There are also certain risk factors, because not every oncological patient faces such a problem. This is a sedentary lifestyle, drinking a lot of water in the presence of problems with the withdrawal system, excess weight, traumatic and infectious lesions.

Clinically, swelling of the legs in cancer is determinedvisually: the skin turns red, the part of the body increases in the place of the accumulation of lymph. Subjectively, the patient complains of soreness, a feeling of discomfort and little pain. With swelling of the legs, you can see how ordinary shoes began to crowd, the feeling that it reduced by size or even more. There is weakness in the legs, when walking they are very tired and even more swollen.

Already after the treatment of an oncological patient,to observe the presented symptoms, in most cases, after a few days or weeks, the complication passes by itself. When this does not happen, treatment is prescribed.

Edema of the face after cancer treatment

Another complication of oncologicalpathology, there may be swelling of the face. This is due to interference in the lymphatic system. Usually this occurs in a malignant process in the face or nearby organs, when it is impossible to drain the lymphatic fluid. In the case of cancer below the trunk, there are no changes in the face in the form of edema.

Treatment of edema of the face with cancer

Remove the swelling of the face can be a decongestant treatment, which appoints the attending physician.

First of all, with cancer, whichaccompanied by edema are prescribed diuretics for the natural excretion of fluid, but most often this is not enough, because in parallel, antibiotics are used in case of attachment of infectious pathologies. In case of ineffectiveness of medicamentous measures, surgical intervention is performed - manual lymph drainage, during which the entire stagnant liquid is removed.

Also after oncology treatment can occurpulmonary edema, and this has serious consequences: disruption in the functioning of the respiratory system, disruption of gas exchange processes, acidosis, tissue hypoxia. The whole complexity of the situation lies in the fact that the liquid formed in the lungs does not go back, but when mixed with the inhaled air, it turns into a foamy mixture, which is then mixed with blood and spreads throughout the body.

In this case, such complications can develop: mental retardation, coma, fatal outcome due to hypoxia.

This can be corrected by immediate therapy, otherwise death occurs.

Treatment of edema of the lower limbs and face with cancerdecongestant therapy. Diuretics are prescribed, skin care is intensified, intoxication therapy is carried out, in the case of infectious diseases, a course of antibiotics is prescribed.

Massage with swelling of the feet

Special physical exercises to increase the range of movements of muscles and joints, allows you to strengthen muscle tissue and restore limb movement.</ li>
  • Physiotherapeutic measures are massages, various water procedures.
  • Compression - a method that reduces swellingby squeezing it onto the fabric, special compression clothes are used for this, and also medical elastic bandages with pumps can be applied. These pumps are necessary to prevent the squeezing of tissues, they regulate the strength and periodicity.
  • Manual lymph drainage is the most effective surgical method for eliminating edema of the face or extremities.
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    Any treatment for cancer is carried out in a complex,taking into account the accompanying diseases in the body, which can provoke swelling, adjusting nutrition, reducing the amount of water drunk, making changes in lifestyle.

    Patients with edema after cancer therapyshould monitor their weight, because one of the risk factors identify obesity. You also need to take care of the skin condition, apply moisturizing cream, avoid traumatic injuries and surface scratches. It is necessary to avoid high and low temperatures, as well as their differences, to take a bath or shower, not using a contrast mode, only with warm water. It is necessary to exclude national recipes, which involve hot and cold compresses. When you need to sit for a long time, it is better to move with your feet, change your body position more often, warm up.

    It is very important to monitor your health, and when it worsens, contact a specialist to adjust the prescribed treatment.