Skin bursts from swelling on the legs

Our feet are constantly exposed to a hugeloads and therefore need special daily care. Lack of proper attention to their problems over time can lead to the appearance of cracks on the surface of the skin. So why does your skin crack and how to prevent it?

The first and most common causethe appearance of cracks in the legs is dry skin. To promote dehydration of the skin surface can be uncomfortable and tight shoes, genetic inheritance, age, cold season or very frequent use of soap. All this leads to the fact that the skin loses its natural intercellular moisture, resulting in cracks and permanent itching. To correct such an unpleasant situation is very simple. First, try to find the cause of dry skin on your legs and eliminate it. Also, every time after bathing, apply special moisturizing cream, which will soften the skin and soothe the itching.

The second cause of cracks and keratinizationlegs can be called fungal diseases. These "little pests" love warm and damp places that are between the toes. If this is a particularly aggressive disease, for example as a shingles, then the disease can spread to the entire foot. It is very important to detect the disease in time and treat it with special creams and medications. If there is no disease, then you still need to take care of its prevention. Take care that your feet do not sweat and do not stay for a long time wet. Also pay attention to your shoes: it should be comfortable and made of natural materials.

Overweight and tight shoes can lead tothe appearance of calluses, which in turn cause the dryness of certain areas of the skin and their cracking. By creating a constant load on the legs, we raise the pressure on certain areas of the foot. If the corn is under pressure, the fat tissue under its surface begins to expand. All this process eventually leads to the appearance of small and deep cracks. Cope with this problem will help special creams, which include urea and salicylic acid.

And, of course, remember that the cracks on the legs - the problem is solvable. The main thing is to take the necessary measures in time to prevent and treat it.

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