The horse had a swollen foot

Manifestations: On the limbs appear usually painless swelling, which is significantly reduced after work (movement).

Preliminary diagnosis: The diagnosis can be made only on examination, there are many options: a lot of grass in the diet, a lot of salt, not enough movement, heart, kidneys, etc. etc.

Methods of treatment: I. Edema due to inflammation (due to trauma): 1 Dimexide vial is mixed with the same amount of water and poured into a container with 2 bottles of Hydrocortisone (10 ml). Mix in this sequence. Napkin or gauze bandage soak with this solution and wrap the edema. Put under a quilted jacket and under a bandage. At night, do not leave, take off after a couple of hours. II. Warm edema: At night, you can put clay or a cooling gel under a quilted jacket and bandage. In the afternoon - tinctures of mint, sage and arnica are mixed (1: 1: 1). Sweep the edema with a gauze bandage in 1 coat and then moisten it with a solution. And leave it like this. When completely dry, remove. III. If the edema does not subside, in the presence of temperature, antibiotics, for example Gentamicin (for 500 kg of weight 8 ml), are injected once a day intramuscularly. Course 5 days. IV. Any swelling: Spirituous drying compresses. The method described in paragraph II is a compress of camphor alcohol. How to dry - remove. It is not recommended to do more than a week. V. Liquid Olivkov: 1 st.lozhka salt + 100 ml water + 100 ml 3% Hydrogen perikido + 2 st.lozhki turpentine. On top of this, you can wind up some kind of bandage (crochet or plain), only in one layer, so that the foot breathes. After a couple of hours, remove (at night do not leave). VI. Camphor in powder is diluted with sunflower oil (replaced by camphor oil, 6 bubbles, since it is very difficult to find a clean camphor) + iodine 6 bubbles + 1/2 cup vodka. Rubbed in the affected place and put up at night under a quilted jacket and bandage. In addition to any edema, it is also used for exacerbation of chronic spasm traumas (intentional or accidental) and for prophylaxis (for example, for competitive horses in the period of starts or simply for large loads, for horses prone to chronic edema).

Additional advice. Items II, IV, V, VI can be safely applied before calling a doctor, but not
The horse also deserves happiness!