Leg in ankles swollen with psoriasis

Edema of foot and ankles

Many people are familiar with such an unpleasant phenomenon,as a swelling of the foot and ankles. In most cases, they are not dangerous for health, but at the same time can be a sign of quite serious illnesses, so it is necessary to be examined if swelling occurs too often.

The causes of the appearance of swelling of the ankles and feet are as follows:

This is thrombophlebitis, varicose veins andbecause of these diseases, outflow of blood from the ankles and feet is broken and intra-capillary pressure is increased. Edema appears on the aching leg, very often it is accompanied by pain, and with acute thrombophlebitis in the affected area, the skin may even turn red;

2. Accumulation of fluid in tissues due to serious illnesses.

Edema in the foot and ankle may be due to such diseases:

- heart failure. In this case, the heart simply can not cope with the pumping of those blood volumes that are necessary for the body. And the kidneys begin to compensate for this deficiency and detain the fluid in the body, and it begins to accumulate in the lower part of the legs;

- kidney and liver diseases. In such diseases, the fluid first accumulates in the abdomen, and then there are swelling on the legs;

- Endocrine diseases. Endocrine diseases lead to a change in the hormonal background and there are swelling.

3. Edema arising from the physiological characteristics of a person.

The causes of the appearance of such edema are as follows:

- Pregnancy and the onset of menstruation. This is due to changes in hormones in the female body;

- overweight. Especially often they are observed in fat people in the event that they stand for a long time;

- long stay in uncomfortable position of the body. For example, if a person has flown on an airplane for a long time or was driving a car;

- taking certain medications. The appearance of edema can be influenced by drugs to lower blood pressure, drugs with hormones and anti-inflammatory non-steroidal and steroid drugs;

- natural changes in the body in old age.

In any case, even if a person is sure thatHis legs swell not because of illness, you need to consult a doctor. Maybe you just need to change your diet and lead a correct lifestyle, and swelling will disappear on their own.