Leg swollen after a tattoo

author: rusmail30 | | 31-07-2013, 01:08 | Profile Views:

Such a trauma as a turning point is always accompanied bydamage to surrounding soft tissues and severe swelling. In the tissue there is a hemorrhage, a hematoma is formed. The doctor puts a plaster, everything seems to go away - the pain subsides, by the 8-10 days the edema almost completely drops, this even causes the secondary dislocations of the fragments to occur - it becomes too large in the plaster bandage. It is in this often the doctor translates the gypsum bandage into a circular bandage (solid) after the swelling passes.

But the terms of treatment in gypsum have passed and finallyit is removed. You look at your foot, marveling at the dry white peeling skin, at times - the abundance of hair (for some reason they grow very actively under gypsum) and of course, the thin leg. The muscles did not work for a long time and the leg seems very slim due to their atrophy. But in the place of the fracture there is a small swelling - this is the forming bone callus, a sign that the bone is growing together.

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