Why does the last period of pregnancy swell around my legs?

The swelling of the legs in expectant mothers is quite common, especially in the second half of the term. Let's see why the legs swell during pregnancy and how to deal with it?

Why do pregnant women swell?

The cause of swelling in the legs of a woman waiting for a baby,has a physiological character - the growing uterus compresses the veins in the pelvic region, while the volume of blood increases by 1.5 liters, and slow blood circulation helps fluid retention in the legs. And if the future mother wears shoes with high heels and still has to sit or stand for a long time, then it is perfectly natural when the legs swell during pregnancy.

If the legs are swollen during pregnancy,the cause may be a violation of the urine output from the body due to the pressure of the uterus on the ureter. Swelling can spread to the entire body if you do not take the necessary measures.

If the pregnant woman swells not only legs, but alsohands, fingers, face, the weight of the body increases dramatically, these symptoms may indicate gestosis, which requires medical intervention. In the period of bearing a baby, there may be an exacerbation of chronic kidney or cardiovascular diseases.

Recommendations for swelling of the feet

Try to move more than to sit anda recumbent lifestyle. Special gymnastics for women in a delicate position and walking in comfortable shoes will help reduce swelling of the lower extremities. Get compression tights.

Go to bed, and just rest during the day, putting a pillow under your feet. Foot massage, a cool foot bath with sea salt are also effective in fighting fluid stagnation.

Reduce salt intake to a minimum. In a day you can only 1-1,5 g of product, well, if the puffiness is very strong, it's time to sit down on a salt-free diet. It is also recommended to exclude products containing sodium, such as olives, olives and nuts. Rid your menu of smoked, spicy dishes. Limit the consumption of spices - they cause thirst and slow down the release of liquid from the body.

Include in the diet of natural diuretics -apples, celery, parsley, cranberries and citrus fruits. Onions and garlic will strengthen blood circulation and help in the fight against fluid stagnation. Use cabbage, sweet pepper, potatoes, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and vegetable oil. Also, attaching green cabbage leaves to the legs, you can draw out excess liquid. Carbonated drinks and sweet are strictly forbidden. If the puffiness does not decrease, be sure to consult a specialist who prescribes diuretics.

Why are your legs swelling during pregnancy?

In pregnant women with heart disease, heart disease, puffiness can occur due to heart failure. And hot weather only exacerbates the stagnation of water in the body.

When swelling only one leg, redness, the appearance of tubercles, painful sensations, urgently go to see a doctor, because it can be signs of thrombosis.

Smoking, strictly prohibited during pregnancy, is also the cause of swelling of the extremities.

In 37-38 weeks of pregnancy, the legs swell almost in all women. Give up the heels and make sure that the varicose veins caused by the stagnation of the fluid do not start.

Report the problem to the doctor. Knowing the features of your body, weight gain and pregnancy, he will prescribe a special treatment. And remember that diuretics, traditional medicine funds are used only on the advice of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

I have chronic inflammation of the kidneys. Almost the entire pregnancy, the legs swelled. The gynecologist prescribed a decoction of the dog rose. I drank it regularly: a diuretic, and vitamins for the body!

Swelling appeared in 16 weeks. Has come to the doctor, and at me plus of 2,5 kg for a week, in general legs or foots - as barrels and pressure jumps. It turned out that you can not drink mineral water. At me on it edemas appeared, and after and and pressure. So immediately on a salt-free diet planted, limited the amount of water per day to 1.5 liters. and the drug Hofitol (homeopathy). Well, the legs on the pillow, or rather the pillow from under the head in the legs shifted. So until the end and sat on a diet, edemas were periods. After childbirth in general, the legs are swollen, drank a diuretic - it let you down. But the daughter gave birth to a healthy, although the threat was the entire pregnancy.

at me edemas have appeared approximately on 20 week,and such strong that not only shoes, but even jeans in caviar became small. The doctor prescribed the drug Cyston or infusion of cowberry leaf. Said to choose one thing, but I at my own peril and risk drank both. It helped! The daughter was born healthy and without complications.

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