Strongly swelling of the left leg what to do

by Galina on Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:18 pm

The left leg is swelling. Possible reasons.

Your feet may swell from time to timecertain conditions, even if you are quite healthy: for long flights; some women swell with menstruation due to fluid retention; if you have been too long in the sun, your feet may swell; such a reaction can cause a general allergy to something; and of course - varicose veins; any injury, sprained ankles or feet. But aside from these obvious things, there are some painful conditions in which there is constant swelling of the legs, ankles and feet.

According to statistics, chronic swelling of the feet and feetmost often a consequence of heart failure or phlebitis of the lower extremities. It is easy to separate these two states. Phlebitis usually affects only one leg, congestive heart failure - both; phlebitis is painful, heart swelling is not. Depending on the cause, edema has its own peculiarities.

When the heart muscle is weakened by a heart attack,long, untreated high blood pressure, a virus or disease of the heart valves, she does not have enough strength to pump all the blood into the lungs, which returns to her from the veins. After a while, the blood begins to accumulate in the veins. As a result, the liver, located below the heart, is filled with blood and increases. In the end, veins, even on their feet, are also expanding. In a certain period, the liquid component of blood seeps into the tissue, which causes its swelling.

Phlebitis occurs when one vein or more, onthe surface of the foot or deep inside, becomes inflamed or clogged with a blood clot. Inflammation causes pain, swelling and redness. The occlusion of the vein forces the blood to stagnate and seep into the surrounding tissue, the walls of the vein become more permeable as a result of inflammation. Unlike heart failure, in which both legs swell, phlebitis usually affects only one.

Whatever the reason, do not take your friends diuretics in order to quickly cope with swollen legs. The present treatment is possible only after the establishment of an accurate diagnosis.

Symptom: swollen feet

Causes of foot swelling - What should I do?

Heart failure (if both legs). - Treatment of the heart.

Phlebitis (if one leg). - Heat, rest, elevated legs and (usually) anticoagulants.

Varicose veins. - Elastic bandage, injections causing desolation of veins, operation.

Kidney disease (edema all over the body). -Training treatment, dialysis.

Liver disease. - Diuretics, steroids, diet.

Fasting (or strong distortions in the diet). - High-grade food.

Low thyroid function. - Substitution of thyroid hormones.

Operation of coronary bypass graft with the use of leg veins. - elastic bandage.

Medicines. - Discard the provoking drug.