The left leg swells more than the right one during pregnancy

Leg left swells more than right

Why does the left leg swell? Uzi OBP, KIDNEY. US-AP LEFT KIDNEY: the left kidney in a typical place, the usual structure. The sizes are normal. The contour is even. The central echo complex is normal. The parenchyma is uniform, the size of the longitudinal 1 95 mm. The transverse d 42 mm. Parenchyma 16mm thick. RIGHT KIDNEY: usually located, the size of the longitudinal 1 92 mm. The transverse d is 40 mm, the contour is even. ChLS is compacted. Parenchyma with a thickness of 14 mm. Central echo-complex without features.

Hello, Hope. You complain about the puffiness of your left leg. According to the description of renal ultrasound, no significant pathology was detected. In fact, the swelling of the legs, especially one leg can be associated with the insufficiency of its valvular apparatus of the veins. Arterial blood enters the legs through the arteries, gas exchange takes place there and venous blood already enters the veins upward. If the valvular apparatus is inadequate, the blood can not fully flow into the heart, lingering in the legs, tachycardia appears compensatory, blood pressure rises. Stagnation of blood in the legs contributes to impaired microcirculation and leads to edema. In this case, you need to do rheovasography of the vessels of the lower extremities. Sincerely, Alexey Vyacheslavovich.

The kidneys are not associated with this. One-sided edema. First of all, it requires the diagnosis of the vessels of the limb. To the phlebologist.

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And maybe this is due to the heart valve, it is not completely closed to me?

Hello. To the child year and six months, the boy (body height 80, weight 11). Several days ago have made uzi, on results uzi the size of kidneys 58. 8 x 20. 7 (left) and 55. 4 x 25. 8 (right). The doctor said to be observed at the nephrologist, t. K. "the child has a problem", which can flow into the hypoplasia, but such a diagnosis did not set. Dear doctors, can you please tell me if there is a strong deviation in the size of the kidney at the moment and how can you determine the presence or absence of hypoplasia? FROM.

My mother was diagnosed in December 2012,T3TXM1M multiple metastases to the liver, prescribed chemotherapy course xeloda-4500 mg / day two courses for 14 days. And breaks for 14 days. After the first course of analysis - OAK-leukocytes-6. 1 * 10 (9), hemoglobin-94g / l, spectrocysts- 2.9 * 10 (12) all other indicators are normal, well-being-appetite is preserved, vomiting and pain is not present, only weakness and weight loss by 2kg. After the last course of chemotherapy, CT scan of the abdominal cavity was as follows: Susp and.

Hello, to the child 1 year, about 3 months ago weWe got sick, we got out a furuncle, we were squeezed out and prescribed antibiotics, choked for a week, then barley got out, then again 2 furuncles and barley, sores do not go away. Did the uzi of the abdominal cavity results did not show a particular problem, the kidney and spleen were slightly enlarged, but this was explained by the fact that it is a reagent for sores. On the basis of these testimonies, the immunologist was sent to the gastroenterologist t. To the immunologist on vacation. She told me that we have a van.

Good afternoon! I had a lower back and sometimes left side of the kidney, I made uzi. Right kidney: Visualization: satisfactory. Position: normal, Cork-medullar differentiation: preserved. Vascular pattern: uniformly visualized to the capsule. The sizes: 108х44мм. Contours: clear, even. Thickness 17mm. Zohogene: reduced. Structure: homogeneous. The calyx-pelvis system: the pelvis is dilated to 11 mm in diameter. Concrements: no-clearly not lotsirovatsya-single hyperechoic.

Hello, please tell me, three monthsback on the ultrasound of the small pelvis put the follicular cyst, now put the cystadenoma of the left ovary and recommend to do laparoscopy, the size of the cyst is 30 mm, the analysis on the CA-125 indicator is 40 U / ml. Hormones did not drink, only dyufast and utrozhestan. How to behave, get pregnant and give birth to the first child, and then delete the cyst or at first remove it? What are the chances that the left ovary will be preserved, and how will this affect conception in the future? Are there any other methods that are spared.

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