The leg after endoprosthetics of the hip joint swells

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Massage after hip arthroplasty - one of the rehabilitation methods included in thea complex of treatment along with kinesiotherapy (therapeutic group / individual gymnastics), acupuncture, physiotherapy, manual therapy and drug therapy if necessary.

Replacement of a damaged hip joint byan artificial joint is often the only way to restore joint movements, limb limb in osteoarthritis, arthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases and injuries. After any operation, recovery procedures are required to get rid of residual manifestations of diseases and injuries.

In the postoperative period,rehabilitation methods aimed at preventing the formation of scarring between surrounding tissues and tendon, increasing muscle strength, improving blood supply to the joints, restoring and maintaining the necessary volume of movements in the joint, weight correction.

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Rehabilitation begins with elementaryrespiratory gymnastics, necessary exercises, allowing you to sit, stand, move. Then, short walks with additional support are necessary, with a gradual increase in the pace of walking and increasing the distance. To improve the functionality of the new hip joint, specially designed physical exercises are performed to restore maximum mobility in the joint and prepare the leg muscles for movement without auxiliary support means. Also, various physiotherapy and massage are prescribed.

In the pre-operative period, massage is used forintensification of metabolism in the affected limb. Massage after endoprosthetics of the hip joint is permissible only after removal of the joints and is carried out according to the principle of soft-tissue technique. At the initial stage, soft tissues, located around the musculoskeletal system, knead, warm, lead to relaxation and gradually prepare for more intensive activities.

Massage promotes speedy rehabilitation,because it favorably affects the process of blood circulation in the hip joint zone, strengthens muscles, relieves their tension. Often, in addition to the usual massage, hydrocinesotherapy is provided, a special massage performed with a jet of water.

Massage is an effective methodrestoration of the hip joint, its frequent holding makes it possible to increase the diastasis (divergence) between the joints of the joint bones. If it is not possible to use the services of a professional masseur, it is permissible to use different massage aids, conduct a simple massage of the hips, lower back and buttocks.