The legs swelled after sunburn

Swelling after sunburn: how to avoid trouble?

Perhaps this has happened to you or loved ones forafter a day spent in the bright sun, there were swelling after sunburn. With sunburn, eyes, forehead, and eyelids often swell. If you tried not to expose your face to sunlight, your legs may swell.

What is swelling? This accumulation of watery fluid in various tissues of the body, which occurs when the balance between the inflow and outflow of tissue fluid. The most visible external signs of swelling on the face, arms and legs. The liquid, accumulating in the subcutaneous tissue, causes swelling of the skin. Violation of balance can cause, among other things, exposure to sunlight.

To avoid the appearance of edema, you must adhere to the following recommendations:
  1. Take sun baths whenever possible in the morning hours, when the sun exposure is not too active;
  2. dosing time in the sun, alternating with rest in the shade, especially in the early days;
  3. apply special creams that protect the skin;
  4. Avoid the use of alcoholic beverages, since alcohol has properties that enhance the effect of sunlight.

If the swelling has appeared, it is most effectiveto remove its manifestation can be through various masks. The most simple and effective use of a mask of grated raw potatoes. It must be applied and maintained for 10-15 minutes. To withdraw swelling of the face after sunburn You can use a cloth soaked ingreen tea. Put it on your face for 25 minutes. Edema on the eyelids can be removed by putting on them napkins with gruel from the root of parsley for 10 minutes. Tissue masks are very effective. The composition, which they are impregnated, penetrate deeper into the skin and not only relieve puffiness, but also give the skin an extra tone.

Sunbaths, of course, are useful for the body, but not to develop edemas after sunburn, try not to abuse them when they are taken.