The legs turned blue and swelled.

Almost a quarter of the population suffers from pain in the legs and their edema, with 80% of this number being women.

The reason for the fact that the legs swell and become blue, is the weakening of the veins and the difficulty of returning the blood to the heart. This is a consequence of circulatory disorders - venous insufficiency.

  • heaviness in the legs;
  • feeling of heat in the feet and above;
  • the skin loses its color;
  • the appearance of bluish veins.

If you do not start fighting with venous insufficiency in time, it can cause venous thrombosis, and eventually lead to a hypodermitis and venous eczema.

There are a lot of natural ways to combat swelling and blue legs, as well as a lot of useful habits.

You need to start with a lifestyle change:

  • To exclude from food dishes containing a lot of salt and spices, as well as those that lead to an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Avoid hypodynamia - cycling, swimming or just walking.
  • To give up smoking.
  • Remove from the wardrobe close shoes and clothes, as well as shoes with high heels.
  • Rest of the legs - at the first opportunity the legs must be lifted up.
  • When swelling in the heat, use a cooling bath.
  • Control weight.
  • Adjust the blood flow by wearing elastic pantyhose.
  • Supplement the diet with drugs that contain iodine, manganese, cobalt.

Traditional medicine offers ointments and gels for improving blood circulation:

  • VIVASAN - cream for veins.
  • Lyoton 1000 is a direct-acting gel anticoagulant.
  • GUAM - gel to relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs and edema.
  • Venoruton - gel reducing edema, varicose ulcers and dermatitis, convulsions, pain.
  • Dr. Thiess Venen is a gel with vasoconstrictive, decongestant, venotonic and anti-inflammatory properties.