Causes of swelling in the elderly person causes

Any person, any age categorycan develop puffiness on any part of the body. As a rule, they appear under the eyes, on the hands, hands, fingers, but most often on their feet. Mostly, this process is peculiar to the elderly and in pregnancy. The reasons for the appearance can be completely diverse, however, foot swelling requires more attention than it may seem.

The principle of the disease is an excessive accumulation of fluid in tissues, the cause of which is difficult to determine at a glance.

Sometimes swelling indicates important and dangerousviolations in the body, they are almost the first sign of heart failure. But often, people are accustomed to write off these manifestations on difficult everyday life. Especially it concerns women. We came in the evening from work, did not have time to take off our shoes, felt a slight pain in the foot area, burning and found swelling on the ankle. It becomes all clear, long walks to the stop in shoes on heels, maybe tight or small shoes, the day went by in a run, at night drank a lot of water, did not get enough sleep, was tired.

Yes indeed edema can appear due to banal fatigue. especially in older women, but do not constantly hide behind these "excuses", you need to remember that cause foot problems and other internal diseases.

Causes of edema on the lower limbs

The nature of the appearance of problems with legs is diverse. The question of why the extremities swell, appears with systematic education.

Problems in heart failure - In heart diseases, as a ruleswelling at once two legs. This is due to a weak heart, frequent heart attacks, high blood pressure. The heart muscle fails because of its weakness to push blood into the lungs and this amount of blood returns. Then it accumulates in the veins. Sometimes only the foot of the right foot swells. but this is a separate case.

Suffers from excessive accumulation adjacent organ, liver. it also begins to swell. This interrelated process causes the veins to expand on the legs, then eventually the fluid passes into the tissue. There are swelling in the weak left side of the heart, forming stagnation in the lungs. Therefore, in patients swollen limbs, and also observed shortness of breath, accompanied by a cough.

Pregnancy - in women in the situation it is rather a side effect caused by the accumulation of excess fluid, and not a violation in the body.

Injuries include: ankle dislocation , fracture or bruise of the foot at the bottom, ankle sprain . Any damage and tissue integrity disorderankle, ankles, or other injuries, can cause swelling of the extremities. Appear edema may not at the time of getting a bruise, and after a while, sometimes it may indicate an inflammatory process that occurs in the body due to trauma. It is necessary to find out the main reasons for correctly prescribing treatment.

Fatigue - physical fatigue, long walks in theuncomfortable shoes, or in shoes with high heels. You can also suffer from a long journey or driving, buses, when the legs are for a long time in a stationary state or uncomfortable position.

The reverse cause of edema with physical fatigue may become a sedentary lifestyle, lying passive rest.

Thyroid - problems with the thyroid gland, renal or hepatic insufficiency, due to a lack of protein in the body, or as a consequence of an allergic reaction.

Completeness - To remove painful tumors with this you can through a sparing diet.

Bad air - air pollution, ecology often become the cause of many diseases in humans.

Nerves - daily stress and depression.

Heredity - An important criterion is hereditary predisposition, as well as sex; women are more often affected by this factor.

Age - Increasingly, swelling of the legs can be observed in the elderly, it can be associated with a weakened body, a number of irregularities in cardiac activity, tissue thinning, excessive fluid.

Here are the main problems and aspects related to the fact,why swollen legs, but if you notice an uncaused formation of swelling, accompanied by pain and other symptoms, it is best to seek professional medical help.

How to choose the right treatment

Treatment depends on the original cause of theireducation. With the formation of swelling, the first actions should be cold compresses, which will help to remove at least a little soreness, created by him.

If swelling of the legs appeared due to serious problems of heart failure, then this question is better solved together with the cardiologist. who will carry out diagnostics, will determinedisease, will write out medicines. In this case, this is just a small symptom, hiding a more important danger in the body, the treatment of which must be entrusted to a professional.

Do not ignore such symptoms as swelling of the legs, sometimes they hide the most unexpected disease.

Removal of edema in an unconventional way

You can remove swelling at home, if treatment is used according to its intended use. that is, to eliminate the underlying cause. At home, you can begin treatment if the disease is caused by fatigue, overload, trauma or injury.

With a foot injury, an ankle, as a rule, onan ankle is formed in the ankle and sometimes a bruise appears. This is a normal process for trauma, distension or injury. The swelling is removed by applying cold to the problem site. Such methods do not concern, for example, the treatment of the laryngeal edema.

You can remove swelling during pregnancy withdiuretic herbs, phyto tea. This is a common problem and it arises due to excess fluid intake of a pregnant woman, a sedentary lifestyle and other minor causes.

With fatigue and fatigue get rid ofThe ailment will help herbal warm baths and light foot massage. A greater effect will help to achieve a special ointment. Herbs can choose any anti-inflammatory and with the effect of cooling, such as mint. You can use the ancient method, lying on the couch to raise your legs and put them on the surface of the wall it will help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.