Flushed feet feet what to do

Swollen, swollen feet are a sightunattractive in itself. But much more dangerous is the fact that such puffiness is a sign of a lingering illness in the body. It can be kidney disease, heart failure, metabolic disorders, stagnant lymphatic phenomena, flat feet. The swelling of the feet is more common for women, which is natural - we add shoes to the illnesses in-from such a heel, increasing the already exerted strain on the legs. Therefore, if the swollen legs are not a one-time phenomenon, it happens constantly, be sure to show your doctor.

Well, temporary defects can be eliminated using the recipes below.

Swelling of the soles of the feet: shoes on the leg

If you are addicted to edema, you can "help" your legs,wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. Wrongly selected, it squeezes the leg, hampering the already not simple process of fluid outflow, resulting in swollen, ugly limbs. If you received such a result, no matter how beautiful and beloved were these shoes or boots - it's better to part with them.

Strong swelling of the legs: drink by the clock

Even without starting to take medicinal broths or diuretic medicines, you can help your body in the fight against edema. For this you need only try not to drink after 19:00.

Strongly swollen feet: useful ointments

In the fight against leg swelling, use ointments containing rutin and heparin. These substances strengthen the capillary system. Funds made on the basis of horse chestnut are especially good.

Swelling of the legs, what to do: cold compresses

Symptomatic to help eliminate swelling isas follows: wet the cotton material with cold water, gently squeeze and wrap the legs. Over the compress, wear waterproof shoe covers or just a pack and woolen socks. In the morning, remove the compress and massage your feet, act from the bottom up.

Swelling of legs - folk remedies: baths with sea salt

Foot baths help with edema, especiallywith sea salt. In warm water, dissolve the salt, hold the legs in it, then rinse them with cold water. Slightly massage your feet in the area of ​​the ankles and lower legs.

Why swollen feet: less sun

In the summer try to be less under the open sun - sunburn makes the veins weak, which means that the fluids exchange is worse, and as a result, it leads to swelling.