Legs swell and itch

Girls, I can not understand that with me, swelling around a week where that, my legs began to itch to the ankles and hands to the hands, is it from swelling or allergies? What is then directly spoiled all.
Larik (6/6/2010 Tue 15:02)

It can be swallowed for physiological reasons andpathological. The first is heat, "harmful drink" tea-coffee-soda. Salt in the diet (ideally, do not salt anything, soups, vegetables, etc.), these factors are predominant. The second is when the kidneys can not cope, that is, the protein in the urine. Then, after treatment to the doctor. I had problems with edema both in the first and in the second. Diet, rest, strong sleep, good mood, fruit drinks (I drink only all of them well and water), looked in dynamics, the protein disappeared, only yesterday from the doctor. It is necessary to know the reason and as a consequence with it specifically to fight.
The Kremlin MILLA © (06.07.2010 Tue 16:14)

at me on last terms wildly it was scratched feet - at nights sat and rastesyvala almost up to a blood. And then somehow everything went by itself.
Zai-cha © (06.07.2010 Tue 15:44)

and from scabies try to smear with moisturizers or oil, can dry skin?
Foxy © (06.07.2010 Tue 15:32)

My belly and my hands itch. I did not connect it with edema. I do not know what to do. About edemas - and the tests are normal?
Audacia © (06.07.2010 Tue 15:29)

hello, they say when the belly itches, lyalka grows :))) from whom you will give birth, determined?
The Kremlin MILLA © (06.07.2010 Tue 16:09)

who? I'll take my husband with me only if I can. and in what maternity hospital - on ravi, of course :) there is conducted, there and we will be born.
Audacia © (06.07.2010 Tue 18:03)

my do not want, I do not insist. But I'm glad that your consciously goes for it. I'm on a Friday for an examination on the armchair, I worry so that it does not provoke. they say it's painful and not nice
The Kremlin MILLA © (06.07.2010 Tue 18:10)

Why in the armchair? strange. me and the first, and now there's no one looked. frankly, can provoke, at such a time is not surprising.
Audacia © (06.07.2010 Tue 18:53)

at 36 week, we take the mason to a stentokokthen there. but I honestly have a riddle, since I periodically look at the chair (need) and I do not understand what can be provoked there. more exactly how to look, what would have happened
Kardelia © (06.07.2010 Tue 18:54)

Yeah agree with you if everything is already "ready" and then provoked :-)
aqua (6/6/2010 Tue 18:57)