Swelling and cold legs during pregnancy

Some people in cold weather, and sometimes even inold age, complain that the feet are always cold. This state of affairs causes some just concern, because cold feet can be evidence of the appearance of certain diseases.

One of the reasons why your feet are cold isbe a feature of the structure of the body. The muscular array, intended for heat-saving, in this part of the human body is rather insignificant. Fat reserves are also low, the surface giving off heat does not contribute to sufficient heat preservation. This is the cause of constantly freezing legs, especially in women.

The main thing that must necessarily be reversedserious attention, this constant feeling of cold feet in all circumstances. This means that there is a violation of the capillary circulation. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. One of the existing causes is a general circulatory insufficiency, cardiac muscle disorders, vascular dystonia. With this diagnosis, a person often feels a serious intolerance of even moderate physical exertion. He has severe shortness of breath while climbing the stairs, his legs swell by the end of the day.

Another reason for this unpleasant sensationcan be called a local circulatory disorder, which occurs when there is varicose veins. abnormal structure of vessels on the legs. Quite often, people who are prone to such diseases, feel the growing pain when walking in the shin area, swelling of the legs. And the pain passes when the legs are in a state of rest. On the surface of the legs can be seen vascular sprouts, the appearance of dilated veins cyanotic shade.

Thyroid dysfunction

Another reason for regularly freezing legs iscall a decrease in thyroid function. This condition appears in arrhythmia, low body temperature, brittle nails, excessive greasiness of the hair.

Quite often the reason can be considered violationthe passage of impulses along the nerve fibers of the lower limbs of a person. Determine the validity of this possible cause of constantly freezing legs can be a method of easy pricking with anything sharp in the upper part of the thigh and the skin of the foot. In this case, it can be noted that the sensitivity of the skin is significantly reduced. Such feelings are the first sign of a diabetes or beginning problems with the thyroid gland. With such indicators, it is absolutely necessary to see a doctor for a special examination, pass the required tests, you will need to perform an ultrasound examination of the vessels of the lower limbs and thyroid gland, and pass an electrocardiogram.

Sometimes the reason for this phenomenon ishigh or low blood pressure. With low blood pressure, the blood is too sluggishly moving along the blood vessels. With high arterial blood pressure, due to excessive clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol deposits, it is difficult to sneak through the blood vessels. All this leads to inadequate blood supply to the legs, which makes my legs freeze. Low blood pressure may well lead to an unconscious condition, loss of consciousness indicates that the brain does not get enough oxygen.

Quite a frequent reason why the feet are cold,may be a nervous overexertion of an impressionable person. With a nervous overload, your hands freeze, too, a chill is possible throughout the body. In periods of significant nervous overload it is necessary to help your body with the soothing herbal remedy, to drink herbal teas that have relaxing properties. For the prevention of increased emotionality, it is necessary to strengthen the nervous system, sports, methods of hardening, massage, walks in the evening for improving sleep, etc., are suitable.

Pay close attention to the food intake. It must necessarily include products that significantly strengthen small vessels or capillaries that improve blood circulation. You need a large amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. A qualified doctor will tell you exactly what vitamin complexes are needed, their correct dosage.

Get comfortable, good shoes, walk more, comfortable walking tours will save you from this problem. Take care of yourself!