Swollen legs and face after sleeping

Has read through that at kidneys the edema always bilateral.
And I have one eye.
here it is written
Allergic swelling of the eyelids is most often manifestedangioedema angioedema Quincke, characterized by a sudden appearance and the same rapid disappearance. Edema, as a rule, one-sided, very significant, is not accompanied by any subjective sensations, develops more often in the upper eyelid. At the heart of its formation is an allergic reaction. Allergens can be food products, for example, eggs, milk, chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries, various types of fish products, some flowers and other specific or nonspecific irritants, as well as some medicinal and cosmetic products.
Nuu, while I will reconsider my diet .. And I'll look at cosmetics, I'm kind of like ink now just do not paint, maybe on my oxygel.

15.12.10 13:21 (reply for: MiraL)

Thank you! I will hand it over to the nearest time, I do not seem to complain about the kidneys.
I only have one eye (today oteck.tak was when it ..
strange he :)

The eyelids swell, and in general the edema of the legs is permissible, thisthen the kidneys can not cope. You can drink some kidney fees, well, it is better to pass a general analysis of blood and urine, they will all be clear. Do not eat salty.