Why itch and swelling of the legs after childbirth

Piggy bank of folk recipes Folk remedies and methods of treatment why after birth, sore and swollen legs

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  1. Soap to the teeth necessary Degree of compliance with the request: 55.15%
    Fragments of the text of the post. At first it happened after brushing your teeth. I bought a paste, which is designed for such gums, but after its application no change occurred. I told him that hurts. Many after these teeth begin to have problems with digestion. After more than a week will be all sick, bleed. But after Regular procedures strengthened not only the gums, but also teeth. But in addition after cleaning toothpaste, I treat the teeth with a soap solution. After this I decided to write.
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  • I want to lose weight. Degree of Compliance: 24.51%
    Fragments of the text of the post. I want to lose weight Afterchildbirth I'm very fat. You can not afterchildbirth remain the same fragile girl as she used to be. Began to get sick and tired legs. Long to sit on empty cereals and cucumbers did not work, in the gym was boring and difficult, after Occupations week whole body hurts. More information: http://kopilkanm.ru/post_1297852149.html

  • Homemade medicine chest of medicinal plants Degree of conformity: 19.85%
    Fragments of the text of the post. In the evening, before going to sleep, you should insert legs patient in these bags with the expectation that a fairly thick layer of leaves would cover the surface of the legs from all sides. Legs will sweat very much, just as they would sweat in a steam bath. Several similar sessions - and your legs will be like the young. Boil after boiling for 20 minutes. Very good for rheumatic pains. Preparations are taken twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon, but not in the evening), on an empty stomach or in a few hours after food. More information: http://kopilkanm.ru/post_1298893018.html

  • How to lose weight cheaply and easily Degree of compliance with the request: 0.25%
    Fragment of the text of the post. And only after this strain, add in it boiled water to the original volume and you can drink 1 tablespoon 3-5 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating.