Why the legs swell and the diuretic does not help

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Diuretics excrete potassium, which is harmful to the heartTea kalli contains a lot of potassium, regulates and restores the work of the kidneys, and removes swelling (displays sodium with water) http://www.sunrider-v.ru/content/view/35/80/ 1 sachet costs about 35 rubles, for 1.5 liters of water, i.e. 6 cups

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Natalia Salnikova Profi (553) 5 years ago

And in the hospital they lied ((((Effect of zero ((((

Squirrel Artificial Intelligence (105386) It should be privately, but it is expensive. My situation with my mother is similar. While they themselves did not become paid analyzes, there is no sense. Edema can be for many reasons.

Hedgehog Artificial Intelligence (391023) 5 years ago

You need to examine the granny. Edema can be for various reasons, including heart.

Natalia Salnikova Profi (553) 5 years ago

Doctors lean toward cardiac edema! But do nothing (((((

Eugene Profi (862) yes. doctors at us, at least in regions such: the good patient - the dead patient.

Elena Sandina Pupil (184) 5 years ago

Several times a day to lie with your legs raised, if you can not help yourself, help. and less to sit. And when he goes to bed under his feet put a pillow or think up some exalted form!

Eugene Profi (862) 5 years ago

seek out normal doctors. A diuretic can not be abused - the heart can not stand, especially with my grandmother.
It can be anything from an elementary heavy load due to body weight to kidney disease, circulatory system, etc.

Praskovya Kolodochka Pupil (183) 5 years ago

take care and once again take care of the grandmother-perform the recommendations of the doctor's treatment Do not look for a pill from old age

Viktor Yaroshenko Pupil (111) 5 years ago

Most likely, she, oddly enough,dehydration of the body. Find the book "The body asks for water." Start with the fact that every morning you need to drink water with a pinch of salt on your finger. First half a cup, and then add. But you need to first find recommendations. Our body is 70% water, so all normal specialists recommend a day to drink from 1.5 to 3 liters of water. Experiment: when you suddenly get a headache - drink a glass of water and everything will pass. This is the first signal that your body is dehydrated.

Natalia Enlightened (26795) 5 years ago

To help your grandmother, you must first identify why the swollen legs. And then, depending on the cause, it is determined with treatment.