How to replace amlodipine swelling feet

Marina 09/09/2014 15:29
The child has adenoids, goes to kindergarten, hurts 14 times, I do not know what to do. I got sick again.

I'm not a pediatrician, I can not tell. Type in the search engine "often sick children," a lot of information.

Irina 09/09/2014 08:41
Dear doctor, already the second neurologist does not wantappoint me Mexidol, citing its inefficiency. But he helps me. Did the drug test show inefficiency? Or is there another reason? Thank you

Russian pharmaceutical companies do not have any money for full-fledged scientific research on efficiency, and Mexidol is produced only in the post-Soviet space.

Lyudmila 9/28/2014 02:36 AM
Dear Sergey Valerevich! Again, your advice is needed.
I am 69 years old. Experience of hypertension 2 years. in the first year I went through a dozen medicines with the help of doctors, they helped me badly. Since September 2013 I accept Renitek at 9 am 5 mg + Concor-cor 12.5 mg. at 17 o'clock another 5 mg of Renitek, in the evening Magnesium + vitamins G, pressure was kept with some jumps. Since August 2014 in the evenings from 18 to 21 hours it rises to 160-180, I drink Kapoten. In the afternoon pulse 60-65, pressure 115-125. Advise what to do. Change the medicine or increase the dose? Thank you.

As it was said in the film "Shirley-Myrli", "during the previous interrogation you, a citizen, showed" that you are accepting Enam, not Renitek.

Try to increase the dose of Reniteka in half.

Vitaliy 30 years old 09/27/2014 22:17
I have bronchial asthma, mitral prolapsea valve of 1 degree, a sinus arrhythmia. About two years ago there was a shaking, diagnosed an essential tremor (it is also in my father's), the doctor prescribed anaprilin 10 mg half a tablet 2 times a day, plus I started taking Doppelherz magnesium + B6 2 tons a day myself. Such question, whether it is possible to be engaged in sports at reception beta-adrenoblokatorov? And if the tremor interferes with me only at work, i.e. on weekdays from 8 to 18-00, does it make sense to take apaprilin in the evening and on weekends, when the presence of a tremor does not bother me?
Thank you!

Sinus arrhythmia and prolapse are not pathologies.

With bronchial asthma - anaprilin?

Can, talk to the neurologist?

To engage in amateur sports with moderate loads of beta-blockers do not interfere.

Svetlana 09/27/2014 03:28
The dear doctor! Tell me please what kind of medicine is an analogue of Hopten?
Last time it almost does not happen in pharmacies.
Thank you in advance.

All ACE inhibitors (http: // Analogues-drugs / ipap) are very similar in effect.

See drugs without combination with diuretics. 2mg - half the maximum daily dose for Gopten, respectively, see the maximum daily dose and reduce it by half - the effect should be very close.

Nina 09/26/2014 10:48
Dear doctor, tell me please II take from the pressure in the morning concor 5 mg and enam 5 mg, the pressure is stable 130/80, pulse 65-75, the cardiologist said that I instead of the enam took noliprel fort, since noliprel is better for the vessels. Prompt please whether so it? After all, the enam helps me and should I switch to another medicine?

If there is no dry cough from Enam, you do not need to change it.

Noliprel contains a diuretic, which makes a lot of dirty body, washing out valuable substances like magnesium.

Natalia 09/23/2014 20:10
6 years I take the Krestor 10mg (as prescribed by the doctor) now it has become expensive, can I switch to a cheaper drug, for example: Atorvastatin Teva?

Better on Tevastor from the same firm, contains the same substance as the Crestor.

Hope 09/09/2014 11:16 AM
Tell me, instead of cephalexin, what medicine can a child use for 14 years? on the group of cephalosparin she has an allergy.

14 years old - can be Vilprafen, Sumamed, Clacid and their analogues (find pages in the site search).

Alla 09/22/2014 23:40
Have tried all the options with a lousist, the pressure is holding. As you advised, they started taking amlodipine. Helps 130 140/67 - 70. We think to switch to monotherapy - in the morning amlodipine 5 mg.
I'm afraid AD will start to "fail", can I remove the lorist? Did Larista help the heart in anything else, apart from putting off pressure? According to the instructions - amlodipine is a full replacement. I understand correctly?
Thank you in advance.
If you only knew how you helped us!
Thank you.

Yes, in case of excessive decline, leave from Loriste. The maximum daily dose of amlodipine is 10 mg. If you begin to sweat your legs - you need to replace Amlodipine on Es Cordy Cor in a dose of 2 times less.

Tatyana 09/22/2014 21:09
The dear doctor. At me a hypertonic illness or disease of 2 degrees. I take atakand 16 mg. Have appointed or nominated still a cardiomagnolo (there was a microinsult according to MRT) to accept it or him. if the BP at night varies from 115-65 to 170-85 (personal holter). What is more afraid of ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic? Thank you.

You need to analyze the record of the AD monitor. There are erroneous measurements, which differ sharply from the general course of the graph. I do not really believe in 170 at night.

If insufficient reduction in blood pressure is confirmed - you can increase the dose of Atakand to 32 mg or add another drug.

Strokes are "good" both, the consequences are similar.

Olga 09/22/2014 14:20
tell me, please, my father 76 years from the pressuredischarged amlodipine-steel swelling of the legs, but the pressure reduces well, replaced by lercamen-legs do not swell, but the pressure does not decrease, how to get out of the situation? What to take?

Es Cordy Cor 2.5-5 mg per day.

Alexander 09/22/2014 09:28
Registered Remaxol, and after the system immediatelyHeptral, and after the course of 5 days. Heptral in tablets.Billirubin commonly. 38, straight 14. (was 57 and 20, propyl ursosan and rabemaks + bada for pure liver). Will there be an effect from Heptor for example? And is there any sense in this-even analogies are not cheap. (poisoned 5 years ago toxic, there is an allergy, the rest of the indicators are normal, a dull pain in the left side).

As for Gaptor, I do not know, I do not test the inexpressible trust in Veropharm, and the price difference is not very big.

Tatyana 09/22/2014 08:31
The dear doctor! With a diagnosis of atherosclerosis, paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, ventricular premature beats 4B cells by Lown for 2 months accept ksarelto 20 mg, betalok straps 100 mg and 2.5 mg of amlodipine. Increased weight when observing a hypocaloric diet (suffering from obesity) and greatly swelling of the ankles. The instructions for the use of betalkococcus as a side effect indicate an increase in fat mass. Is it possible to replace the betalkoc zoc with another drug?

How sideways in this pathology Xarelto, I do not understand.

Legs can swell from Amlodipine, it can be replaced by Es Cordy Cor 1,25-2,5mg.

The effect of beta-blockers on weight is greatly exaggerated by you, they are almost the same, I do not see any reason to change the awl to soap.

Alexander 09/19/2014 20:06
Hello! My doctor prescribed atoris 20 mg, drank 4 months, now cholesterol 4.8, read an article about statins that they are more harm than good, what do you think about this?

If there is evidence, you need to take it.

When you realize that the benefits are greater, it will be too late.

Vitaly 68 years old 09/19/2014 11:43
The dear doctor! What can replace 20 mg of LOCREN, since it is not on the list of preferential medicines.
Thank you

For example, preparations of bisoprolol http: //xn----7sbabkdpwufdsp9apq.xn--p1ai/bisoprolol

Elena 9/19/2014 10:34 AM
Dear doctor, tell me please how to switch from a non-ticket to a concor? Thank you.

In the standard case, Concor requires approximately 2times the dosage. If you took 5mg of Nebilet, try 10mg of Concor and then pick up the dose by pulse. The maximum daily allowance for Concor is 20 mg, usually 2.5-5-10 mg per day is used.

Galina Pavlovna 09/16/2014 20:56
I'm 69l, I have high cholesterol, noise in my ears. Can ginkgo biloba or bilobo forte help? And which is better? Thank you! G.P.

In general, ginkgo drugs are weak, try. To the products of Evalar I am very prejudiced. Bilobo in Moscow is not for sale, I can not say anything about him. Better Tanakan, Memoplant or Bilobil.

Talk with your doctor about the possibility of assigning Betaserc or analogues (http: //xn----7sbabkdpwufdsp9apq.xn--p1ai/betaserc)