Causes of legs in the plane causes

About 70% of women and 30% of men are constantly sufferingfrom various edema, especially often from swelling of the legs. As can be seen, from these figures it is women who are most often tormented by this delusion, all this is due to the characteristics of the female body.

How do I know if my legs swell?

Usually it can be seen right away, but with a small edema it is difficult to understand "by sight" so or not.

  1. Try to press your thumb on the insidethe side of the ankle or drumstick, in place above the bone. Press hard enough and hold for a few seconds, and then just remove your finger. If there is a dent in the place of pressure, which breaks very slowly, then this is a signal that you have swelling;
  2. Also a signal that you have swollen legs will become a mark of slashed socks. If you took off your shoes in the evening and noticed this, then you have swollen legs;
  3. If you still have doubts, thentry to measure shoes in the evening, which was worn in the afternoon or in the morning. Most often, people who are prone to swelling, the greatest swelling are observed in the evening. Therefore, measure your shoes in the evening, and if you notice that it has become cramped, then you probably have swelling

If you have very severe painful swelling, then they will be noticeable and so, the legs become painfully swollen and bulky. With such edema, many patients also experience pain and severe severity.

Swelling of the legs can occur for many reasons. If you have not had any health problems before, but suddenly your legs are slightly swollen, you do not need to "sound an alarm", most likely it will be after a couple of hours, and the swelling itself was due to some additional reasons. In this case, swelling in the legs may appear, because:

  • you fly in an airplane (because of pressure changes in the air, many people develop swelling);
  • you are pregnant (due to hormonal breakdowns, almost every second has strong swelling);
  • you wear too uncomfortable or incorrectly sized shoes (in this case, always change shoes, otherwise swelling can become chronic);
  • you are often in an upright position;
  • you are inactive, lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • you have extra weight, which simply "presses" on your feet

With all these reasons it is very easy to fight,it is enough to wait for the pregnancy (although even during pregnancy, you can follow the diet and regimen), air travel, try to stretch your legs more often (especially with "standing" work) and lose weight.

In such cases, edema occurs almost in all,including those of the stronger sex, so do not worry about it. Come home, lift your legs up and hold them so little, swelling will "flow" down, it is also useful to make a contrast bath with lemon oil.

And if the legs swell due to illness?

However, unfortunately, legs can become swollen and for much more serious reasons. In such cases, simple baths will not help, you need to visit a doctor and apply medication.

Here are 5 main causes of edema in the legs:

  • phlebeurysm. It is because of him that most women experience a problem with edema, they seem to accompany this disease. You will have to constantly monitor your veins and apply various ointments and gels for their treatment, and it is best to consult a doctor who will choose the right treatment for you;
  • an overabundance of sodium in the body, or simply salt. This could be attributed to "non-dangerous" reasons, but many people take a large amount of salty food too often, so sodium is too much, therefore, too much water in the body, and this leads to problems with the blood vessels. In order not to do this, reduce the amount of salt consumed, and preferably for a while at all reduce it to a minimum, at first the food will seem to you too fresh, but eventually you will get used to it, and the true taste of food will even start to please you;
  • The capillaries ceased to be elastic. Your feet swell due to the fact that small vessels, or capillaries, have become weak and less elastic. This happens primarily because of a sedentary lifestyle. Do not worry too much! It is just to change your daily routine, try at least an hour a day to walk on the street, ride a bike or do gymnastics;
  • problems in the work of the heart. Yes, yes, swelling can be even due to the fact that the heart is not working properly. Circulation in this case is disturbed, the fluid flows through the walls of the vessels, and swelling in the legs is formed. To avoid this, try not to overload yourself, especially if you are sick, and it is best to visit a therapist or a cardiologist;
  • kidney disease. The kidneys are a kind of filter for our body, so when their work is broken, the fluid in the body circulates incorrectly, there are swelling. In this case, you also can not do anything yourself, be sure to visit a urologist or nephrologist.