Why does my legs swell after birth?

Pregnancy and, most importantly, childbirth, area huge load for every woman, after which she feels broken, because in addition to stress, the body experiences pain, caesarean section, internal ruptures and incisions great stress for the young mother's body. In addition, it also hurts to move around, because the legs sweat and hurt after giving birth. With what it can be connected and what to take to get rid of aching pain?

The thing is that during childbirth, whenthe birth canal leaves the fetus, the woman stretches the muscles of the pelvic floor, the spine, ligaments of the pubic articulation, which initially can give back and go to the feet. A woman experiences pain and weakness in her legs.

Pain in the legs can also talk about varicose veinsthe expansion of veins. The thing is that the increased volume of blood during pregnancy and the pressure of the growing uterus affected the veins, lengthening and widening them. And the valves of the vessels could not cope with the reverse outflow of blood, which led to its stagnation in the lower extremities. The blood flow in the legs slows down. There are special "anti-varicose" stockings that help to cope with the symptoms of the disease, and they need to be worn on the feet from the morning until there is an edema, not getting out of bed. It is worth taking care of your legs, otherwise you can not avoid thrombophlebitis.

In addition, pain in the legs after childbirth is oftencause seizures. There is an obvious problem, which is the lack of calcium in the body. Call this ailment "restless leg syndrome." Usually it is accompanied by a lack of iron, frequent coffee consumption and anemia. Most often, seizures appear at night. You do not need to self-medicate, after setting the symptoms of the disease the doctor will prescribe vitamins and microelements for the restoration of folic acid, iron and calcium in the body, and you will soon forget about this unpleasant disease.

Not the last place is that the legs hurt after the birth, and the load on the legs during pregnancy also plays. Excess 10-15 kilograms, which the woman carried on her feet, begin to affect after childbirth.

If the legs hurt after the birth, then the output is one -should consult a manual therapist or a kinesiologist. After manual therapy is a special system of manual techniques that can quickly eliminate pathologies caused by childbirth, as in joints, and in ligaments, muscles or spine. The manual therapist will help you to return to a normal state, relieving pain by restoring the normal position of the joints and ligaments, and the impact on the diseased areas is carried out through neighboring healthy muscles. The doctor will help restore natural mobility, restoring the position of the vertebrae, improve the performance of internal systems and ligaments.

Kinesiotherapy is also an excellent method, saving frompain in the legs. In principle, this is a physiotherapy exercise that specifically helps the recovery of the musculoskeletal system, affecting the ligaments, muscles, and also joints. Complex exercises sparing, but very effective and very cool helps to support and strengthen the spine, while ensuring movement in the joints.