Swollen legs above the knee what to do

In everyday life,on their feet, which is why they need special care. Often, after prolonged physical work or for other reasons, swollen knees. Ignore this situation can not be, because there can be serious consequences. Of course, ideally, you should immediately seek help from a doctor, but you can do something yourself.

In fact, puffiness can be caused byinfluence of external factors, and internal processes of the body. The most common cause is the accumulation of fluid or injury. The first version can be checked, just tap with your thumb on the knee. If, after such manipulation, a small dent remains, which does not immediately pass, then a program for removing excess fluid from the body should be started. People who at work spend most of their time standing, often swelling under the knee. Then you can talk about the pathology of the veins, for example, phlebitrombosis or varicose veins. Often, these diseases are accompanied by severe pain and rapid fatigue. It is extremely difficult to find out the exact cause and put the correct diagnosis on your own, therefore, a doctor's consultation is required.

Swelling of the knees: what to do?

First of all, you need to provide your feet with a breather. After a long working day, you can arrange a quality rest: include relaxing music, light candles and take a comfortable position, while the legs should be above the level of the heart. The withdrawal of excess fluid from the body should begin with a complete rejection of salt and alcohol products, as well as from smoking and other bad habits. Try not to drink a lot of liquids at night. Also, one should not sit in the leg-to-foot position, despite its convenience. In this position, the vessels are squashed, which prevents normal blood flow. If the office has to sit for a long time in the workplace, you need to periodically knead your legs, you can walk. It is worth taking care of your own health. If the knee is swollen and does not bend, then there are suspicions of damage to the joint itself. In such a situation, without the help of a specialist, one simply can not do, because he is able to advise effective drugs.

Knees swell: recipes of folk medicine

Adherents of non-traditional methods of treatmentargue that you can get rid of the disease without artificial drugs. Indeed, some natural remedies can relieve pain and significantly reduce swelling. However, such recipes should be used only as an adjunct to the main treatment after consultation with the doctor. For example, baths with addition of decoction of herbs collection are considered effective: sage, chamomile, horsetail. Knees should be regularly rubbed, for this olive oil in combination with a fine salt or lemon juice is perfect. One spoonful of salt is enough for a glass of oil, it must be stirred until it dissolves completely.