What to take if the legs swell

For some reason, my legs began to swell. It's not easy, but so that the legs in two decks have turned. Never before such was not! The most striking thing is that the swelling did not pass. I stopped eating salty - nothing. She began to drink less - nothing. I went to the doctor. He looked at my feet so contemptuously, said that it was a matter of the kidneys, which all sick.

I offered to take tests, but I already understood thatsense will not be. We must do it ourselves - we often do. Save yourself, as you know. Still a young man, an employee, we will help, and you, pensioners, only eat our taxes. The less you are, the better. It is terrible for an elderly person to live with such an attitude.
After talking with friends and learning a lot of recipes,I realized that the most suitable for me - with Kalanchoe. This plant I have been living for many years, I only periodically change it to a young one. And the medicine does not need to be taken inside. This is also important. Who knows how the body will react to taking a drug? It is necessary after all and other organs not to do much harm.
I grabbed Kalanchoe leaves and mashed them intogruel. This gruel filled half the bottle, and topped it with vodka. Insisted 2 days. I did not filter the tincture, as it does not need to be taken inside. Just rubbing her sick legs for the night. Over a week of such treatment, my legs returned to their previous volumes. But nothing complicated! But what an effect!

D. Raskov,
Minsk region