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Numbness of legs - an alarming symptom, signalingnot only about the presence of problems in the lower extremities, but also talking about a completely serious disease of the nervous, blood or bone system, which was expressed by such complications.

Numbness in the legs is not age-related and canmeet, as in children, and an able or elderly person. The reasons why legs become dumb, there are a lot of them. And if such symptoms as tingling, burning, sensation of cold and numbness, and loss of sensation of the legs, periodically make themselves felt, then this is a serious reason to consult a doctor for help.

Numbness of the extremities is often accompanied byonly lack of sensitivity, but also other signs confirming a violation in the activity of the body. By the time of the onset of numbness most often it appears at night and after sleep, and also due to physical exertion. Especially often during sleep a person may experience numbness of the foot, which speaks of a disturbance in the work of the nervous system. In turn, numbness of the lower leg or ankle may indicate injuries received during sports or problems with the spine.

Among the most likely, concomitant numbness, symptoms, such as:

Causes of foot numbness

The reasons why people quite unexpectedlyis faced with a situation where the left leg is numb, the right or foot stops, can be covered both in hereditary, chronic or ongoing diseases of the body, as well as due to an incorrect lifestyle and acquired trauma.

Prolonged compression of blood vesselslegs, as well as the presence of the leg in one position contributes to numbness. This is due to the movement of blood vessels, leading to a violation of blood supply. Because of this, the leg is numb, the motor activity decreases. However, as soon as the squeezing stops, the sensitivity and mobility of the limb return.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals inmost cases lead to the violation of many body systems. The lack of vitamins can negatively affect the sensitivity of the limbs. For example, the lack of vitamin B12, which is responsible for the metabolism of the nervous system, explains why the legs are numb and their sensitivity is disturbed. In this case, you can forget about numbness simply - compensate for the lack of vitamin and constantly monitor their performance in the body.

The reason why the left leg or the right leg is numb can hide in the lesions of the nervous system, when problems with the nerves are directly expressed by complications in the form of numbness, tingling.

One of the diseases - polyneuritis - occursdue to deformation of nerve cells due to infectious diseases, disturbed metabolic process and intoxication. Another disease that is accompanied by when the right leg, left or stop is numb, is neuropathy. It also occurs due to infection, circulatory disorders, intoxication, malnutrition and more often in people with diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Diagnosing this disease and as a concomitant numbness, doctors prescribe drug therapy, as well as various physiotherapy (electrophoresis, massage, magnetic laser therapy). Quite often, treatment takes place at home with the observance of bed rest, and in some cases - in a hospital.

In addition to feeling numb in polyneuritis andNeuropathy can give rise to feelings similar to running a goosebump, you can feel cold or sharp, aching pain, motor activity decreases and general weakness appears.

In connection with the direct passage of the nervesa trunk of a backbone and their possible squeezing it is quite logical, that joints and extremities suffer. The reason that your legs are numb can consist in the fact that a person has a hernia of the spine, which leads to numbness. Similar symptoms can be observed in such diseases as osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, as well as other diseases that are associated with age-related and changes due to various circumstances that occur with vertebrae.

Quite often numbness occurs in the systemspine of a person due to displacement and fracture, resulting from injuries and sports. Treatment in this case is prescribed by a doctor with the use of anti-inflammatory, analgesics. In especially serious cases, surgery is performed.

Diseases of the circulatory and vascular system

Providing nutrition to all organs and tissuesis assigned to the circulatory system, so it is justifiable that in the event of its violation, failures in the body occur. The reasons why legs grow numb are covered in this aspect too. Among the diseases that lead to the fact that the left leg or the right large set grow numb.

Among the most common diseases - thrombosis,when the blood from the deep veins is not able to move up and therefore begins to stagnate in the lower limbs. The most popular signs of the manifestation of thrombosis are puffiness, numbness, change in structure (dryness) and skin color, heaviness in the legs. Treatment of thrombosis is based not only on the elimination of symptoms, it is appointed by the doctor and has a multifaceted focus - taking the blood-thinning medications that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and venotonic drugs. These drugs in conjunction with anti-inflammatory drugs and ointments give an effective effect and allow you to eliminate the causes.

Another disease that contributes to the emergence ofnumbness, is obliterating endarteritis, which is characterized by an intensive narrowing of the arteries, as a result of which there is a violation of blood circulation. With such a disease, in addition to numbness, a person feels cold and tingling in the legs. Treatment is through the use of vasoconstrictive drugs and antispasmodics.

Another cause of limb numbness in the syndromeReynaud, in which there is a spasm of small vessels, contributing to the deterioration of blood flow. By the way, at the present time this disease has been poorly studied by physicians, therefore it is not always possible to name the exact reasons for its occurrence. Unlike previous diseases, Raynaud's disease, in addition to numbness, is accompanied by an increased puffiness, spasms and "mixing" of the toes. Treatment is carried out by taking medications and by prescribing procedures that solve the problem of eliminating vessel spasms, the causes of the emergence and expansion of the vascular walls.

Numbness of the extremities in older peopleoften associated with heart disease, when the wrong formation of this body contributes to poor blood flow to important organs and lower extremities, including. Among the frequent diseases of the vascular system that occur in older people is atherosclerosis, which, in addition to numbness, is characterized by pain and cramps in the legs, as well as general weakness and fast fatigue. There is also a disease such as multiple sclerosis, in which the activity of a large number of tissues of the spinal cord and brain is disrupted, resulting in numbness and painful sensations.

For the first time in my life, numbness of the lower limbscan feel pregnant women. The reasons why this future mother falls for such tests fall in the changes and hormonal changes in the body of the pregnant woman, when an overabundance of fluid can often be observed, which leads to frequent swelling. Quite serious conditions of puffiness can lead to gestosis of pregnant women, which requires careful observation, and can lead to premature birth.

In addition, during pregnancy, the heart of a womanundergoes a heavy workload, performing work for two, there is an increase in the volume of blood, which can trigger a violation in the circulatory system. Especially often, pregnant women experience numbness in the limbs during or after a night's sleep. Treatment is required if this phenomenon is of a permanent nature and is accompanied by dizziness and painful sensations. If this is rare, then treatment is not required and the condition will pass after the birth of the child.

Non-observance of precautions in wintercan cause a numbness of the legs, when a person encounters a situation of frostbite of the lower extremities. With this condition, the tissue stops eating, the blood does not flow to the legs. If you get into the heat, your legs leave for a fast time. If the effect of the cold is prolonged, this can lead to necrosis and gangrene, which are very dangerous to human health and can lead to amputation of a part of the limb.

Conditions in which the left leg or leg is numbright, can be avoided if we carry out timely prevention, go in for sports, pay due time to walks in the fresh air, strengthen immunity, supply the body with vitamins and control their health.

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