Very swollen legs during pregnancy

The whole waiting period of the baby for the young mother canupset the emerging signs of edema of the legs and hands. All this becomes an indispensable signal that there are significant changes in the body associated with pregnancy.

This is a very common phenomenon amongpregnant women and fighting them is still relevant. If the swelling of the legs and hands does not occur during pregnancy, they indicate that there are significant malfunctions in the body related to the heart system, the liver, the work of the kidneys. But, what to do if there are swelling of the legs and hands during pregnancy? Could this be the start of a serious illness? To begin with, you should understand that you have exactly swelling, and not something else. To do this simply, just answer a few simple questions: is it convenient for you to wear your shoes that you wear every day? Do you get discomfort worn rings and bracelets, and how easily they are removed? And one more question - what are the changes in your weight? Some swelling can be noticed with the naked eye, and the doctor will necessarily point you to them, but there is another group of edema that are characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the body. How to see them? This can be seen only after the young mother gets on the scales and will notice a significant increase in weight.

The most common manifestation of swelling of the hands and feetthe second half of the course of pregnancy is considered. This afflicts moms, since in addition to the fact that the former weight is already lost and the forms are long gone, so one has to struggle with superfluous vagaries of the skin. The eyelids are very swollen, so the morning does not happen to a pregnant woman is kind and in most cases she strongly curses fate because of an unwanted gift. But do not be so worried about this. After all, this happens in most women in the position, because the location of the eyelids is a site predisposed to actively accumulate liquid.

If we follow the sequence of appearanceedema on the body, you can notice that in the first place, it concerns the legs, then the hands and abdomen, and only then the face. If you are upset when you hear that the face gets into the risk zone, then calm down, because there is a hidden plus. Until you follow the spread of swelling of the hands and feet, you will be able to prepare for a meeting with edema on the face and warn them. If morning swelling less clearly visible, then closer to dinner, edema on the legs and hands begin to show more strongly due to the fact that you spend most of your time standing up, moving a little and doing any work other than that which can help protect the body from the appearance of edema. The skin is very light and the wrinkles are visible. This fact worries absolutely the entire female half and therefore they take all possible measures to prevent these edema of the legs and hands during pregnancy.

The danger of swelling of the hands and feet is due to the fact thatthis can lead to increased blood pressure, dropsy, can go to the stage of gestosis and cause the disease overweight. To prevent the appearance of edema during pregnancy, you need to remember a number of rules. First, to exclude, if possible, salty and fatty foods. For example, fat pig meat or ducks replaced with fish or rabbit meat. It will be both beneficial and nutritious, as well as, most importantly, beneficial for the future child's body. Salt should be in the body in an amount equal to about 5 g. Second, drink should be a day not more than 1.5 liters of water, otherwise large consumption of fluid will lead to edema and this will be a period of struggle not with toxicosis and skin youth preservation, but with struggle for the ideal weight. It is very important to pay attention to such phyto-tea, that is, teas made from plants that have diuretic properties and are able to quickly rid the body of excess fluid, leaving only useful trace elements and vitamins. It is important not to forget about walks, conduct an active lifestyle, when excess fluid will not have a chance, stagnate under the skin and lead to edema of the hands and feet during pregnancy. In order to avoid edema in varicose veins, you should still contact your personal doctor to check the possibility of this disease.

Try to limit yourself to such productslike mayonnaise ketchup and hot sauces. Better cook the dishes for a couple, stew in olive oil. Pay attention to the preparation of soups, consisting of beans, rice and pearl barley. Very useful will be porridge for cleansing the body and getting rid of excess fluid.