Prestanas swell around the legs

Female 50 years.
Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Dear Eduard Romanovich!
I ask you to consult my mother.
She is 81 years old. Hypertension.
Biochemical blood test:
Uric acid: 349.7 μmol
Cholesterol: 5.05 mmol
Triglycerides: 1.85 mmol
HDL is 1.35 mmol
LDL: 0.33 mmol
Coefficient. atherogenicity: 2.74
Echocardiography - conclusion:
The left ventricle is not enlarged, the walls are notthickened, S-shaped IVF, with a thickening in the basal segment to 18.4 mm without obstruction of the vesting tract at rest. Left IMM and LVS are within normal limits. The right ventricle is not detyalirovan, the wall of the prostate is not thickened. Increased left atrium. No shunt streams were detected. Valves valves (MK.PK.TK) are not thickened, their movement is multidirectional. Calcification of the fibrous ring MC, the area of ​​the MO is not changed. The aortic lumen is slightly detyalirovan in the ascending department. The half-moon AK are formed correctly. Disclosure of half-moon AK in full. Violations of local contractility are not revealed. Global contractility is not reduced. Free liquid in the pericardial cavity in physiological quantity.
Conclusion: Moderate concentric hypertrophy of the left ventricle with a slowing down of relaxation. Minor enlargement of the left atrium. Atherosclerosis of the aorta.
In 2002 she underwent surgery to remove Ca of the rectum.
The stomach does not bother.
The weight is excessive.
It is written out: morning: 1t. equator
1. indapa
evening: 1t. - rosace
1.t. -tromboass
1t.- cardiomagnet
By the evening swelling of feet in the ankles. Pressure jumps: then in the morning 119, at lunch already 160. Constantly coughing at night.
Accepts preparations 1,5 months.

Previously drank 510, the legs also began to swell after the new year, so the doctor and turned (but the pressure with this drug was more stable!)
In addition, she drank before: prizidin 510-1t. Actovegin -2T. In the morning (2 tab. in the evening), arifon-delay-1 t. ​​- In the morning, cytoflavin-2 tablets. morning, myrtinil - 1 tab. in the evening. 1 tab. cardiomagne in the evening.
All this took 2 years. As it was cheerful. Now I see that the pressure does not hold as it was before. He lives in Pskov, doctors do not know who knows.
Advise, whether all at it by way of? Well, at least relatively.
And is the correct therapy prescribed?
Yes, by the way, the doctor has still told or said, that for certain mum is a diabetes. obviously, because of excess weight and age.

Cardiologist. Pensioner.; [email protected]

Dear Elena!
Trombo Ass and Cardiomagnum are drugsaspirin. Together they are not accepted. It is necessary to clean or one or the other. The composition of the ECVATOR includes LIZINOPRIL. All "prilah" can cause a dry cough. When it appears, the EQUATOR should be canceled and other "prilov" should also not be assigned. Instead, angiotensin II receptor antagonists (sartans) can be administered: Candesartan: Atakand, Eposartan: Teveten, Irbesartan: Aprovel, Losartan: Cosaar, Telmisartan: Mycardis, Praitor, Valsartan: Diovan. Any of them is well combined with indapamide, and if this is not enough, it will be possible to add AMLODIPINE. Well, if you confirm the assumption of diabetes, you need to change the diet and add appropriate treatment.

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