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Swelling during pregnancy
You noticed that closer to the third trimester you have swollen feet, fingers and a ring neither remove nor put on. This indicates swelling.

Edema is one of the three main signs of gestosis (he is also a late toxicosis). Usually it appears in the third trimester, but it is possible and individual development of the situation.

There are 4 degrees of severity of late gestosis.

The first, the easiest, dropsy of pregnant women ("dropsy" is more common - "gestosis edema") complaints of fatigue, malaise, symptoms: swelling, or abnormal weight gain.

The second degree is nephropathy of pregnant women (edema + protein in urine + pressure). If all 3 (!) Signs are present, there is a threat to health. If not, treatment is symptomatic.

The third degree - pre-eclampsia - nephropathy + symptoms from the ocular fundus and the brain.

The fourth degree is eclampsia (convulsions). This threatens, first of all, the transition to a more severe degree of late gestosis - once, the "aging" of the placenta and the fetal hypoxia - two.

Distinguish "the grain from the chaff" - very simple, you needto conduct the McClure-Aldrich test, which consists in the introduction of 0.25 ml saline intradermally (as Mantoux in childhood) and the timing of resorption of the papule. Normally, the time of resorption of the papule is 35-45 minutes, if the resorption is delayed - it means that there is an excess of water in the body, and there is actually a dropsy. Or a very simple option: press your finger on the skin, if the skin quickly leveled, then everything is in order, and if there is a hole, then most likely it is swelling.

If only the legs swell, then this is normal. As a rule, lack of fluid and constant thirst is due to the increased need of the body. If not only the legs are swollen, but the hips, lower legs, anterior abdominal wall, then run to the doctor. Remember, if you do not treat it, it can lead to a violation of uteroplacental blood circulation and fetal hypoxia, in severe cases even interrupt pregnancy by medical indications.

Do not reduce water consumption, because this can cause the opposite effect. When you reduce the fluid, the body will try to delay it, therefore, edema will increase. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water (just water!) A day soups and fruits are not considered. Try to raise your legs more often to the top. Try not to be in a hot place. Try not to abuse salt and spices, as well as sweet and carbonated drinks, which inhibit the withdrawal of fluid from the body. First of all, the doctor must determine the cause of edema.

As variants of struggle against edemas we offer the following:

- Do not limit the amount of water you drink;
- Gel from edema (eg AVENT);
- cool water (legs in the basin for 20 minutes, and then raise above the level of the head);
- foot massage (rub well with a washcloth);
- Kidney tea and other herbal preparations only on the recommendation of a doctor;
- drink a glass of hot milk for the night, oneday in a week on apples and juice and try to brew dried apricots at night, and in the morning the first thing to drink water from it and the next 30-40 minutes is nothing to eat or drink;
- ordinary tea with lemon without sugar or just water with a slice of lemon;
- cranberry compote;
- To remove the engagement ring and do not wear it until after birth;
Diuretics can not be categorically used.

Have you encountered this problem? What methods were used to fight edema?

I was very tightly faced with thisproblem! I went edema of all tissues because of what the abruption of the placenta began and at 38 weeks I had to do CS. So, girls, do not joke with this, it's better to be safe and once again pay your doctor's attention to this.

The presence of edema is a bell that the kidneys do notcope. Less water, not in any way diuretic. They excrete potassium, which is necessary for the normal operation of the heart. After 35 weeks, pressure control. Control protein in the urine. Only it went up, I immediately take urine and go to the doctor for an appointment. Danger of pre-eclampsia. But there is nothing tshashnogo, the main thing at the time to stop and everything will be fine.