Legs swell heart ache

Throughout life, the heart of a woman makes up to 3 billion strokes.

However, we underestimate these efforts and do not take care of it properly. And the doctors are sounding the alarm.

The statistics are really gloomy, since women suffer from coronary insufficiency and apoplexy 10 times more often than from breast cancer.

Every day 250 women die from diseases of the circulatory system in the world!

Contact the therapist It is necessary if you feel pain in the chest area. Also if worried about arrhythmia of the heart or often there is fatigue.

The doctor will measure the pressure and prescribe a study, for example ECG, heart echocardiography. If necessary, the therapist will refer you to the cardiologist.

Unexpected pain in chest, and woman slowlysettles on the floor - so depict a heart attack in the cinema. Although in life we ​​are sick quite differently. The fact that our heart is in danger can be shown, for example, by an innocent pain in the abdomen or even an elbow.

A heart small, the size of a fist. It is working 24 hours per day. During this time, it ceaselessly contracts and expands around 100 thousand times.

Myocardial infarction has always been considered a "male" disease. But it turned out that women suffer from it as welloften, like men, with the only difference being that they are ill at a later age. Before menopause, the last in the life of menstruation, their hearts are protected by female sex hormones - estrogens.

When the heart starts to ache, it can be difficult to notice. After all, the appeared ailments can be absolutely not typical for the circulatory system. Sometimes the symptoms resemble fatigue, neurosis, indigestion and even joint diseases.

It is necessary to be able to recognize in time the warningsignals. You should be especially careful when some atypical malaise recurs after some time. Actually, this is a sign that your heart needs professional help.

Usually you use an elevator. But when forced to walk the stairs, you feel tired, having risen only by the secondfloor. Are tired when cleaning the house, washing the floor. Most of the time you spend in a sitting position and it's the lack of activity and bad physical shape that explains fatigue and dyspnea. In addition to your conscience, there are cigarettes, fatty foods, dinners in fast food establishments.

But do not write off everything so easily! Dyspnea is often a signal of coronary insufficiency. With physical exertion, the heart needs moreoxygen - its lack leads to the appearance of symptoms of this disease, including dyspnoea. Another sign can be severe pain in the chest, and here it is not far and before the heart attack.

One of the proven ways to protect against coronary insufficiency is considered to be movement.

With physical activity, blood vesselsexpand, and to the heart comes more blood, saturated with oxygen. Walking, running, cycling and swimming are good for preventing coronary insufficiency.

However, if before you led a sedentary lifestyle, the heart It is necessary to gradually accustom to loads and an active lifestyle. It is worth asking the doctor which type of exercise is most suitable for you.

Plan out the physical load in such a way,to gradually increase the number of movements. To begin with, it is enough to practice twice a week for a quarter of an hour, then for 30 minutes, then three times a week for half an hour, etc.

So the next week passed, full of urgentcases that needed to be settled. You are tired, but finally it's time for the desired lounging on the weekend. Then the pain appears in the area above the stomach. You become sick, you sweat, nausea appears.

You think that this is just a banal indigestion of the stomach. We are sure that we certainly ate something stale. Therefore, you get from the first aid kit activated carbon or mezim.

100 mg / dL - this should be the correct level of blood sugar, measured on an empty stomach.

190 mg / dl - The normal level of cholesterol in the blood should not exceed this value.

140/90 mm Hg. Art. - blood pressure should not exceed these values.

88 cm - girth of the waist in the woman, measured at the level of the navel. Greater meaning speaks of the fullness, which lies in an additional burden on the heart.

30 minutes - at least, so much time per day you have to give to the movement.

Meanwhile, the cause of pain may not be the stomach, but the heart. So sometimes even a heart attack appears! Usually it is associated with severe pain in the chest, numbness of the left arm. Although this is not always the case. Especially atypical is the woman's heart - a heart attack can pass even without symptoms.

Why is this happening? The thing is that women have a diaphragmis higher than that of men. The lower part of the heart, located just on the diaphragm, is located closer to the stomach. Therefore, unpleasant sensations appear in this area. Sometimes a heart attack, in addition to pain over the stomach, indicates a sense of fear and anxiety. It happens that only an ECG study shows that you have already suffered a myocardial infarction.

If you are a member of the risk group associated with the possibility the occurrence of myocardial infarction (increased level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood,increased weight, hypertension), you should slow down the pace of life. Learn to relax. Do not postpone the planned vacation - remember that the heart also needs a breather. Always try to win during the day at least 30 minutes for rest.

Try to be outdoors, because it beneficially affects the heart and strengthens it. Remember: you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. During this time the body has time to recover, and with it your heart.

By the evening you have sweaty ankles and calves of feet, shoe slippers. But by morning everything passes. You think that the reason is in the weather or that you go a lot. However, heart failure can manifest itself in this way. When the heart can not cope with the pumping of blood, it accumulates in the veins of the legs, then, when the pressure in them increases, the blood penetrates into the tissues, and as a result the ankles become swollen.

At first this happens only in the evening, but whenthe disease begins to progress, legs swell and in the morning. Tumescence appears already in other places, for example over the knees. A characteristic feature of edema, provoked by heart failure, is that they are symmetrical, that is, appear on both ankles or calves at the same time. Confirmation of the presence of edema is a pit that occurs in the place where we press a finger.

To a worsening of blood circulation and an increase in blood pressure, and thus to manifestations of heart failure, results in excess salt in the food. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce its consumption. A healthy adult needs about 5-6 grams (ie, a teaspoonful) of salt per day.

Give up canned and smoked products, from salted sticks, chips and nuts, fromfast food products. When preparing dishes, replace salt with herbal spices. Choose mineral water with low mineral content. When shopping, read the labels and check the sodium chloride content, that is, the salt: the less it is, the better.

You feel fine, radiate energy and good mood, but sometimes you are worried about a throbbing headache, especially in the morning. You are looking for reasons in bad weather and lack of sleep. Or maybe just to measure the pressure?

Headache, especially pulsating, is a symptom of high blood pressure. Although often it does not manifest itself. Do not treat it is dangerous, since it can lead to myocardial infarction and even apoplexy. The optimum pressure values ​​should be within 120/80 mm of mercury. If it exceeds 139/89 mm. doctors talk about hypertension.

To prevent this diagnosis, limitconsumption of animal fats, avoid fatty meat, cheese and fried foods. More often prepare dishes from sea fish - it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which protect blood vessels and normalize blood pressure. The menu should also include vegetables and fruits. Do not forget to add garlic to the dishes, since it lowers the pressure.

You often experience pain in the elbow or in the wrist,which extends up to the shoulder? Its feature is that it increases with increased blood pressure, for example when you go fast or climb the stairs. Perhaps you hurt your hand when carrying a bag of groceries. But if you do not lose these unpleasant feelings (especially on the left side), Be carefull! After all, they can mean so-called infarction pains. Sometimes they are accompanied by intense sweating, a sense of panic or unconscious fear.

Think about what could be causingyour heart is in bad shape. Perhaps you are used to stress a cigarette? If so, know that one of the common causes of myocardial infarction in women is smoking. Try to get rid of this bad habit. You will be helped by antinicotinic patches, chewing gum and special prescription-levirs.

Do you get up several times a night to go to the toilet? Maybe you caught a cold or drank too much tea in the evening? Maybe so. However, developing heart failure also gives the same symptoms. At night, when you lie, the blood rushes to the kidneys, there is a need for more frequent urination. During the day, this desire is held back by the stagnation of blood in the veins.

Problems with blood circulation can be a consequence of untreated infections. For the heart, the most dangerous influenza, inflammation of the lungs, bronchi, etc. Therefore, do not neglect even the common cold, try to cure every infection.

You have a tense nervous life, constantand no time for anything? Does it seem to you that when you run to the bus stop, you get a feeling of pressing burning pain in your chest? Simultaneously there is a feeling of heaviness in the chest.

Such pain lasts only a few minutes. You stop, take a deep breath and the pain goes away. "Probably, this is stress," you explain to yourself and continue to live on high revs.

Such pain in the chest area may be a symptom of heart failure or angina. When the heart is poorly supplied with blood, there is not enough oxygen to it, a characteristic feeling of constriction in the chest appears.

To reduce the risk of a suffocating attackpain, you have to subdue stress. Stop worrying and thinking about problems at work all the time. Organize the day so that everything is in time. If necessary, ask your relatives for help.

In stressful situations, you can take preparations with magnesium or eat foods rich in this element,which strengthen the nervous system and blood circulation. Include in the diet buckwheat and oatmeal, cocoa and nuts. After all, it is not only delicious, but also very useful for the heart.