Whine and swelling of the legs

Hello. My legs usually swell in summer, but this summer I noticed that my feet started to freeze, then there was aching pain in my legs. Sometimes I fall asleep, putting a pillow under my feet. On the outside of the foot and around the ankle, veins appeared. In the evening, the legs swell and itch. tell me what to do. Unfortunately, there is no specialist in the place of residence, and I can not get to Khabarovsk or Vladivostok until autumn.

Vascular surgeon, phlebologist, Ph.D. Head of the "City Laser Surgery Center"

Dear Irina. Yes, there are regions in Russia, where not only ultrasound can make a problem, it's just that a doctor can not be found. According to the description you have [email protected] and reticular varicose veins. All the symptoms you described.

1. It is necessary to order compression stockings of 1 class of compression. Look at my website company medi /

2 / Fleboldia 600 for 1 table / day.

3. Hepatrombin or lyoton 1000 gels is topical.

Sincerely, Doctor Letunovsky.

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2) Radiofrequency obliteration of veins (VNUS)

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Determine the amount consumed (tea, water, soups)and excreted fluid (urine) in 24 hours if the ratio of 1: 1 is good, if not, then the use should be reduced. In the summer, the kidneys do not always have time to allocate all the drinking water.

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