The burned leg began to swell

Edema of the lower limbs - the manifestation of somedisorder in the body. Sometimes (most often, but not always) - with the kidneys. The reasons can be complex. Therefore, if this happens regularly, you still need to see a doctor.

If there is no possibility to get a doctor's advice, then the least traumatizing means should be used and at minimum to apply to medicines.

A number of recommendations are offered for such cases.

If you have the opportunity, several times inday, lie down on a flat surface, and lift your feet to some elevation, so that an outflow occurs from your feet and lie for 10-15 minutes so in a calm state.

There are many diuretic, but it's allmeans unsafe, because together with the liquid, the necessary minerals are removed from the body: potassium, calcium, etc., which is very unsafe for the body as a whole, you need to take compensatory medicines, and all this, not knowing the general state of your body is also unsafe.

If you manage to hold out until the momentmeetings with a doctor on folk remedies, such as suggested, for example, by reference, try not to use a diuretic of chemical origin (medicines) or at least consult a pharmacist (pharmacy worker), if you are available.

When using diuretics (drugs -diuretic) is the most dangerous decrease in potassium in the body. However, there are situations when there is an excess of potassium in the body, which is also bad. Check your blood pressure if this is available to you. Check it.

And, of course, you need to exclude from your diet all fatty, very salty, fried, jerky, vinegar, with care to use raw vegetables for food. Better stewed vegetables.

Darina offers you to drink diuretics. I already wrote about diuretics (diuretics). Try to avoid drugs. They need to be taken competently and it is not always harmless: after getting a decrease in swelling of the legs, you can earn more severe problems

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